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Best Ideas for Attracting Men Talking About What They Love Is a Start

Updated on November 2, 2017
tlcs profile image

Trudy otherwise known as tlcs loves to write about motorcycling and touring. The sense of freedom that you get when riding is awesome!

The man biker!
The man biker! | Source

The awesome Motorbike

It has to be said that most biker's at any point in time if they had the money would buy a new motorbike. My hubby included! If he were choosing between a new motorbike or a holiday I know without a doubt it would be a new motorbike.

The problem is which bike to choose? If I was buying a bike for him, due to the vast amount of different choices to be had I would have a really hard time choosing the right one.

Now there's Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, TDM and I'm sure I've missed a few many more to choose from.

I would also need to take into account what the bike would be for. Would it be for touring, general purpose riding to and from work or tracking etc, etc.

Lets presume that I go for the new Suzuki Bandit Touring Bike (the exact details of it's full name I do not know but I know my hubby is talking about it a lot, I think it's called the V-Strom Suzuki Bandit.

This is the one that's talked about in my house!

To go with the new bike would have to come the luggage

If I were to be in the position to buy the motorbike in the first place, I would want to buy all of the luggage to go with it so we could both go touring Europe together. Luggage comes in all shapes and sizes and different textures and making the right decision on my own and getting it right would be a real challenge.

For one thing when we tour my hubby makes a point of making me take the minimum amount of gear with me so that on it's own tells me that I would have to buy small luggage, however that said I wouldn't want the bike to look awesome and then have too small luggage on it!

The choice of luggage again is unbelievable when researching this particular item.

Perhaps a picture of a motorbike would suffice! I don't think so some how!
Perhaps a picture of a motorbike would suffice! I don't think so some how! | Source

You then would have to buy the polish for the hours of polishing I can see being done!

Nothing amazes me more than how long a biker can spend on cleaning his motorbike. Especially if you have been away on a tour or for a ride-out for the day. I could have cleaned the house, walked the dog, washed my hair, cooked the tea and so on and my biker hubby would still be cleaning his bike.

I think biker's want other biker's to look at their precious machines with glee and when asked the question of how long it took to clean the actual machine, the biker always amazes me by saying not long at all, just pottered with it really! Really....

Once you have the clean bike then I presume the biker would want the new crash helmet!

Of course you would want a new crash helmet now wouldn't you? My hubby has so many darned crash helmets their taking up all the space in the bottom of the wardrobe! But I know that he would say that he needs a new lid! Again there are so many to choose from!

For the biker partner there is no way you could buy this item without the biker being with you as you wouldn't know the size of his head! Then there is the colour, ok, you go with the colour of the motorbike I presume, but then do you have an open faced or full faced! Your guess is a good as mine!

Now to go with the new crash helmet you would need to buy the intercom (that's if you like to natter with the pillion passenger!)

I'm not really into intercom's on motorbike's as I like to take in the scenery, I can talk to my hubby when we get home. That said I wouldn't mind buying one for him so that we could listen to music or of course there's the lady talking on the sat nav.

This guy can help when you need help fitting the intercom!

I'm interested to know what would the ideal gift be for you the man biker

Would the ideal gift be

See results

A sat nav I would have thought would be an ideal gift for the man biker especially if you tour!

I know that some biker's like to use the old original paper maps and books but the sat nav really is quite good. Especially if you find yourself in the middle of Europe, lost! It can help you get your bearings and of course the other reason is that it becomes one of those toys that biker's quite like to play with.

Riding as a couple, let the ride begin!
Riding as a couple, let the ride begin! | Source

And of course the biker would then need new leathers

Again, so many to choose from! You have all in suits, some bikers prefer these or you go for the Leather Jacket and Jeans or you go for textiles. Can we the person buying get it right if we buy without them knowing? I'm not sure...

I think I would take a chance and go for a textile jacket and leather bottoms

Right move, not quite sure?!

That's purely my personal choice!

You either love them or hate them in leather!

Then the other ideal gift could possibly be to finish off the complete package, new biker boots!

When ever we go to bike shops or even check out the web for biker boots I cannot believe how many choice there are!

Not only that, there are different lengths of boot, tie ups and velcro to name a few!

I think I could possibly choose for my biker hubby.

Now you have everything that I think is what would be the ideal gift for you the man biker I think the camera has to be brought!

You can buy camera's that can be added to the bike. I think this is a must if you go touring, there is nothing worse than getting home and finding that you have no pictures to look at when you have been away to a beautiful country or you have visited somewhere local in the UK.

I would definitely think that this was a good gift for the man biker and not to costly either!

This video is very useful if you do purchase a camera!

To summarise

What would the ideal gift be for you the man biker? Well there are so many choices! These are just a few that I feel you would LOVE to receive!

And finally....

Ride safe!


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    • tlcs profile image

      Trudy Cooper 2 years ago from Hampshire, UK

      My dad had a BSA and I think it was a Rocket, can't quite remember, Firblade is nice though Anna, do you go on the back?

    • Anna Haven profile image

      Anna Haven 2 years ago from Scotland

      My guy has been a biker since he could reach the pedals! A fireblade is his current baby but if I could gift him a bike right now he would have a Rob North BSA Rocket 3. Good hub.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I have biker friends and I'm sure their wives will get a good idea from your suggestions. I do think the new helmet looks are so futuristic looking and that's not bad!