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Updated on January 13, 2013

Chemistry of Boys:)Chemistry deals with different types of boys that share different characteristics in nature and their occurrence also varies depending upon their natural features.

Some classes of boys are as follows with their particular chemical behavior:))

1. FLIRTATIOUS : (OCCURRENCE) These boys are abundant in nature and are freely found on earth:)

PROPERTIES: They move randomly in all possible directions showing affinity for electrons (galz) to establish any type of bonding.:)Due to lose bonding characteristics they can hardly adhere to one atom and do not tend to form a strong bond with any.They show bonding for some time and then detach in search of other available atoms in vicinity.

APPEARANCE: They possess lustrous surfaces due to application of gels and sols:)application of creams and lotions at times increase their chemical affinity however when gels are applied (Spikes) :) then they stay away from water as water may react with gel and ruin the experiment .

2. INTELLECTUAL :(OCCURRENCE) Only 10-15% of the earth's surface contain these elements.So they are rare in nature and are often expensive.:)

PROPERTIES:They have stable configurations and characteristic sand do not tend to make bond easily with other atoms. However they are target specific and show bonding with specific targets.Bond formed by them is thus a strong bond.

APPEARANCE: They usually have dull surfaces with a hidden luster;)and are non conductors of sound and audacity.

3. RELIGIOUS: (OCCURRENCE) They are present in variable amounts in nature.They do not follow any general trend and their characteristics vary accordingly.

PROPERTIES: At times they are very combustible as they love to catch fire on even simple reactions. Due to their volatility and sudden reactivity they must be stored in an inert atmosphere.:p

APPEARANCE: They are often covered with a cloth as without it ,they star emitting lethal radiations and can flare up the environment:)They remain inactive as long as they are kept aside but could be extremely flammable irrespective of any environmental condition.


This term describes the category of males who share border line characteristics between UNCLES and BOYS ,thus the tern UNCLACIOUS BOYS :PP

OCCURRENCE: They can occur anywhere in nature and their behavior is unpredictable.

PROPERTIES: They lack violent reactions however their reactions are strongly influenced by environmental features.Sometimes they are influenced in a way that they start producing active radiations.

APPEARANCE: They have rugged and dull appearances with large lattice frameworks.:))

SO what category you fall in?????


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