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9 Absolute Reasons Why Your Friends Are Bad Friends

Updated on September 3, 2019

Who doesn't love a good friend?

Well, let me ask you something: what if your good friend ends up being a bad one? What will you do now?

Or, rather, do you even know what a bad friend is? You must have some sort of idea.

To keep the stress off your shoulders, why don't we dig a little deeper as to what a bad friend sound like? Who knows -- perhaps you might even find a snake or two in your garden?

1. Your Friend Doesn't Like Helping You

They won’t pay for you. They won’t help you. Even while it’s obvious you can pay them back; they won’t be there for you.

Perhaps they believe you aren’t responsible. Perhaps you aren’t. Or maybe you truly are.

Shit happens, and they should know that. However, a bad friend thinks otherwise.

You owe it to yourself to run away from a friend like this. I know I did. I’m glad I ran.

2. Your Friend is Always Busy

Your friend is playing video games and doesn’t have time to listen or hang out with you. What a shame.

There are times when you need a friend. Or, there are times you need an opinion. Reluctantly, that’s what friends are for.

A big problem is when your friends are way too busy to assume their role – as a friend. At that point, your options are to either try again some other time or to find some other friend. Because this one isn’t budging.

3. Your Friend is Constantly on the Phone When You Talk

“Am I boring? Are you talking to someone? Hey, I’m right in front of you! Hello?”

Let’s say you do happen to get your friend to come out with you. Now, your friend is constantly on the phone. And what do you know, your friend is stuck on the phone talking to someone else!

When your friend is on the phone constantly during a conversation with you, this is a sign of disinterest. Perhaps your friend is bored. Or doesn’t find you interesting enough.

You deserve attention. This person might not be your girlfriend – and isn’t your therapist – but should at least listen attentively, too.

4. Your Friend Scans the Area During a Conversation

Guilt. Social anxiety. You’re embarrassing. You’re loud. Cares about public image.

Whether guilt or social anxiety, some friends just can’t stop doing this. What a 5-star listener!

Having a friend scan the area while you’re talking means your friend is embarrassed of you. If you’re truly loud, and your friend is receptive to this, this person may start to act weird.

This is a huge warning sign that your friend might not feel the same towards you. I know it because it’s happened to me in the past. But I wasn’t even being loud.

What gives?

5. Your Friend Has Bad Hospitality

Let’s be honest for a second. We never expect 5-star hospitality. However, when you’re at a friend’s house visiting and you’re not offered water or a piece of fruit – that’s horrible hospitality.

Countless times have I found friends of friends suffering from low blood sugar or being insanely thirsty. You know this happens when the host invited you only for his own benefit.

Being a good friend means caring for your friends – not keeping them around in a cage without food or water.

It’s essential that, as a friend, you pay for your part. However, this never excuses someone from having bad hospitality.

If your friend enjoys inviting others over to their place but doesn’t enjoy going out to your place, that friend better have drinks and snacks – because remember, who’s paying for your gas?

6. Your Friend is Conditional

With a conditional friend, conditions must be met.

Perhaps you’re a jock. Your friends are jocks. They like the image. One day, you decide to get fat. Now, they won’t talk to you anymore.

Perhaps you fix cars. You have a friend that keeps you around. You both work on his car. As soon as you stop fixing cars with him, the friendship is theoretically broken as well. And you notice it as he stopped hitting you up.

I used to be a band geek in high school. I had a lot of so-called friends. As soon as I quit the band my senior year, more than half of my friends were gone.

All these people are conditional friends. Conditions are preferred to be met in order to be interested in a friendship with you.

It’s easy to fall prey in trouble when it comes to conditional friends. They peer pressure you into not being yourself.

Always be yourself. Don’t become a conditional standard.

7. Your Friend is Too Stubborn to Listen to You

Being stubborn is a fool’s gambit. You give up too much value for little return.

Stubborn friends aren’t malleable. They don’t like to change. They don’t listen attentively. They have something against what you say.

Stubborn people live stubborn lives. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, they will drag you into their stubborn world with stubborn consequences.

Stubborn friends do not listen to their good friends. Whether it’s relationship advice, an opinion on what looks good, and health topics – stubborn friends will neglect the research and typically act accordingly, based on their own experiences.

Stubborn friends don’t care what you have to say. They won’t believe you – simply because you said it.

8. Your Friend Backstabs You

Sometimes a friend is disinterested in continuing a friendship. Or, perhaps a friend has backstabbed you.

Now what?

Your so-called friend has something against you. Your friend doesn’t like what you do. He doesn’t appreciate your humor. She doesn’t like your style.

Your friend isn’t afraid to confront you or hurt you.

Instead of constructively criticizing you, your friend bashes you.

Your friend steals your girlfriend and sleeps with her.

Why are some friends so bad as to backstab you?

It’s a lack of respect. Backstabbers have no sense of respect for their friends. They tend to be receptive of their own needs and emotions. As a result, results may vary – but not in the way you’d like.

9. Your Friend Doesn’t Like You

A snake in disguise, your friend doesn’t like you. Now what?

In my time, I’ve had my share of snakes. Your friend might not like you – probably jealous or spiteful – and only keeps you around because you’re either good at something or there is a benefit for them down the road.

It’s important to comprehend whether this so-called friend is an acquaintance, or someone that won’t reciprocate a friendship with you.

Or, is this person trying to grab something from your life? A lot to think about.

Nonetheless, why don’t you grab the broom and give your friend a little slap out of your inner social circle?

Take Care of Your Circle. Take Care of You.

Regardless of who you decide to keep around your inner circles, make sure they aren’t bad friends.

Bad friends are hurtful people that don’t really care about you. Bad friends deserve to be nothing more than acquaintances, and that’s it!

If you really care about your own sanity, emotional health, etc., take my advice and keep them away from your circle. If that’s not possible, then run away!


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