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Balancing Marriage, God, and Writing

Updated on May 9, 2014
Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast | Source

The Scenerio

Being a writer isn't the most social attribute we can attain. Mostly in practical use it means we are spending a lot of time alone away from others. When we are married to someone who isn't a writer in this way, it means we can seem to be a bit selfish and hidden. If someone was married to another writer I would imagine they would have a hard time coming together from their separate writing paths. Overall, the difficulties of writing in general with the added factors of balancing a marriage/family and God can be a trying experience that can even make or break a young writer.

The situation would be different if I was actually making a full-time living from writing. If this were the case then I could easily justify spending 10 hours everyday writing and working my projects on-line everyday. Yet, when I'm only making enough to cover the Internet bill and maybe my phone bill too, then first of all I have to work another job to make enough money to get by, second off the time I'm allotted to write everyday has diminished accordingly.

It's not that I don't understand this aspect. In fact I agree that that I shouldn't spend all my time writing when it's not making me a full-time living. There are other priorities. Giving time to my study and worship to God, by being in the Holy Bible, is needed as well. I can't very well neglect my wife and Jesus to pursue some dream of writing, this would be a mistake. So, I do understand the situation and blame no-one, yet finding the balance in between can be a learning process. That is what I'm going to talk about here.

Hiking the hill of achievements
Hiking the hill of achievements | Source

The Hard Way

For those who can afford to spend the time writing as much as you want, don't take it for granted. Maybe you've worked for it, maybe it was given to you, either way use it to it's fullest. If I just had a year to write all the material that is inside me unhindered by a day job, I know I would be making a full-time living after this. Yet, this isn't the scenario for me, and instead of complaining I have to be thankful for having the time afforded to me that I do have. Although it may take me longer and be more difficult to reach this stage of writing success, I'm going to have fun trying.

The most important thing in my life is Jesus Christ. This doesn't mean I don't struggle with trying to do things my way though. What I write about has a Christian perspective to it, and my main blog is mostly my best Christian writings I can muster. There are other subjects that I find interest in though, and this doesn't mean I'm in the wrong. This means that I'm a writer who has different interest in life. As long as I'm not putting those things over my love for Jesus, then I think I'm doing fine.

Now, I'm not just your normal watered down Christian either, but rather I know things that seem to be outright crazy to most people. In fact, how far I've gone down the rabbit hole is much further than I even know. Being enlightened to the truth of Jesus Christ has enlightened me to the truth of this world. And mostly it's not a pretty picture. In fact, it's mind blowing and would make people scream in fear if they for one moment could lay aside their propaganda mind controlled thoughts and see the reality of our world. The state of the world and America is so dire, and this is another factor that I personally have to measure in my endeavors.

Harold Dog Says: Are Your Done Writing Yet?
Harold Dog Says: Are Your Done Writing Yet? | Source
King James Version
King James Version | Source

Priorities In Order: God, Wife, Writing

I have a wonderful wife who loves me very much. She also loves Jesus very much, which is most important. We have been through thick and thin, we've been saved by grace from former lives of sin and misery. The story of our relationship is one all to itself. Suffice it to say though we have something most people don't: an honest relationship dedicated to each other no matter what. This doesn't mean that we don't bicker and fight some. And this writing venture I have discovered about 6 months ago has taken it's toll on the dynamics of our lives. During the winter it wasn't so bad, cause my lawn care business was slowed down. Now though, when the season is in full swing, we are both working all the time, and any extra time I spend on the computer writing.

The only reason I spend all my extra time writing, is because I feel it's a talent God has given me. It's not that I'm that good of a writer, but that he has installed in me a passion to do it since a very young age. That I can express myself through it and feel this relief when I get an article done and published tells me it gives me some form of enjoyment I've been missing for some years. I never was much of an on-line person even though I'm only 34 years old.

Mostly I write about things that talk about Jesus and the faith I have in him. Mostly what I write about is meant to help people live a better life and come to know Jesus as their savior. Yet, I still write about other subjects like I said. This balancing lesson has been one I've been learning along the way. Balancing marriage, God, and writing has been just as hard as the writing itself.

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Achieving Balance With Determined Effort

I will keep writing unless I hear from God without a doubt to stop. So, I've found ways to balance this new way of life for us. When I get up in the morning I read my Bible and pray with my wife. I don't turn on the computer and start up my morning routine. This is an important step, to not even turn on the computer until I spend time with the Lord and my wife. After I do this, then I can turn on the computer and go through my morning routine of checking stats, emails, responding to comments, writing answers, and whatever writing I can get done according to the time available before I go to work mowing lawns.

At night time I need to talk with my wife, pray over our meal, and listen to a sermon or radio show with my wife. Basically I need to give her some attention and get whatever errands we need to do done. After she has gone to bed, then I can write and do some work. When we are home together at night I can't do any focused work, so I have to wait until she goes to bed before I can.

Basically what I'm saying is we'll all find the system that works for us in a balanced manner. We have to prioritize our lives in the right way in order for it to be productive. Without Jesus and my wife, my writings would mean nothing really, so I have to remember that when I want to stubbornly ignore everyone and write in my own world till my heart is content. Every thing that is worth something takes sacrifice to achieve, and this is no different. That I have to work even harder to achieve success as a writer, means it will be that much sweeter when I do.

While you writers out there have different difficulties in your lives, this article may help you in trying to balance these. Living a selfish life and gaining every selfish desire is a short sided way to live and will result in being discontent and meaningless. So in conclusion, writing is a wonderful artistic endeavor that brings joy, but it also can teach us how to integrate our dreams and passions with our practical lives.


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