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Being Dumped; How To Avoid It In The Future

Updated on October 5, 2015

The Pain Of Being Dumped

My personal view about relationships has tarnished somewhat as I have become educated in the peculiarities of the opposite sex.

My advice to you is never expect anything, and don't be surprised if you are thrown a curve ball out of the blue. Many women make themselves sick for years, even decades, torturing themselves over a lost love. It is a shame that women often blame themselves for not being attractive enough, and for doing all the wrong things, when in reality, the relationship had no real chance to begin with, for reasons beyond her control.

I hope I can comfort some women with the peace of mind and truth that it is not due to not being pretty enough. Sometimes a woman can be just right, but they guy is either an idiot or perhaps, being manipulated by someone else, (another woman) making it impossible for him to even see clearly.

These are things you cannot control. And if its any consolation, idiots happen to the best of us. Even the rich, beautiful and talented.

Gene Tierney was Rejected

Gene Tierney's Experience with Rejection

Being one of the most perfectly beautiful women in the world, one would expect that Gene Tierney would meet one lucky man who would treat her like a queen and she would live happily ever after. The reality was entirely different.

She married an ugly man (Oleg Cassini) who cheated on her, got divorced and found herself hooked up with Prince Ali Khan, Rita Hayworth's ex husband. This time the slight to her ego would be worse than the one Oleg had given her. Ali Khan dumped her without ever asking to marry her.

That is correct. He put Gene Tierney in the same predicament that many unattractive women, who have little opportunity in life find themselves in.

The blow to her now fragile emotions was so great, that she was never the same. She went into serious depressive episodes and was in and out of institutions for years.

What happened to Gene Tierney?

She was too trusting. For one thing, she did not play games with these guys and they quickly found themselves in the drivers seat. That is the worst case scenario for a woman to allow herself to end up. Most men will cause never ending pain when they believe that they have complete control, and that they have a woman who is just sitting there loving them and wanting to be loved in return.

Being Dumped is Devastating

Beautiful Lana Turner

Too Beautiful to be Dumped? Wrong!

Lana Turner was a glamourous Hollywood starlet who was accustomed to getting her way. She married often (seven times) and lived for her next exciting affair. She naturally took if for granted when she hooked up with a man, that he would propose. Sometimes, even for Lana, it did not work out exactly right.

At the height of Lana Turner's popularity, she became romantically involved with Tyrone Power, one of Hollywood's all time handsome men. Turner and Power were very similar in personality, and temperament. Both were extremely selfish and loved being in the spotlight. They were now the beautiful couple that all of Hollywood was talking about. For one year they were a hot item, and she felt as though she were experiencing the deepest love that she had ever known.

Tyrone was insecure with Lana. Her popularity and independence were a sore spot with him, as with many men who do not feel like they have total control.

When he was going on a scheduled to tour Europe for his career, Lana believed Tyrone was on the verge of announcing their engagement, and went all out throwing him a $10,000 gong away party at the Mocambo. Weeks later, Tyrone Power met another actress and proposed to her.

So, what happened?

This is a classic case of the man who wanted a nice, clean living girl to call his wife. Many men, and especially the very wealthy and "alpha male" types, are only interested in marrying a woman who is "good." This means that even though Lana Turner was extremely beautiful, the man she marries will probably be haunted by thoughts of what this woman might do when on the set alongside a handsome guy such as Clark Gable. Yes, even a Tyrone Power had insecurities. But, even more of an issue is that he does not want his wife in the arms of another man when he could have a sweet lady at home doting on him. It may sound old fashioned to many women, but the facts are the facts. Most powerful men do not want a threatening woman, and your actions will tell him that you are either a moral, and decent woman, or that you are head strong and not to be trusted.

Ivana Trump

Donald Dumps Ivana

In one of the most humiliating, and devastating public dumpings, Ivana Trump in all her beauty as an ex model, and her intelligence; as CEO of Trump Enterprises, along with her charm and and exciting pas, as an ex professional athlete, Ivana let her guard down long enough for gold digger, Marla Maples to take advantage of Donalt Trump's mid life crisis. Poor Ivana was all over the National Enquirer with photos of her aging face being compared to the younger fashion model, Maples. Ivana had taken time off of running the Trump business in order to spend all of her time and attention with her children. This is how the serious and powerful Donald became easy prey for the struggling young model.

Ivana suffered emotionally from depression, embarrassment, and a nightmare of humiliation by the cruel and blood thirsty press. Ivana consoled herself with plastic surgery, boyfriends, and numerous business ventures just as any true entrepreneur would do.

What could Ivana have done?

When a woman has a rich and famous husband, she should always keep an eye out for trouble makers. It is wise to never give 100% trust to a man, but when a guy has fame, looks, or money, the chances for female opportunists to interfere are very great.


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