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How to Melt the Heart of Any Man: You Can Win the Love of the One You Want

Updated on October 5, 2015

Man Men Want You

I thought of writing this hub after my friend who has been dating a man for 5 months suddenly found herself in an awkward situation when her "boyfriend" suddenly stopped speaking to her. Things seemed to be going quite well, this man was actually the kindest, and most thoughtful guy she had ever dated. What so suddenly happened?

She was not saying so to me, but I know that she was desperately interested in this guy, and wanted a future with him. He, being a guy was not set on anything, but was the type of guy who liked to be nice to the woman in his life. He spent a lot of money on her for her birthday, but he was not one to call her on the phone and talk for hours.

I finally got it out of her that she had been getting jealous and possessive. When he did not call for a few days, she would ask if her were seeing someone else, and finally when her imagination ran away with her she called him and told him that she went to a psychic to read her cards and was told that there is something else going on. His response was, "well I still talk to my ex but I do consider getting back together with her, I will tell you all about it later." At this point she was rather pleased with herself for cornering him to an extent and thought that some of the issues might be solved, making things go her way. He never called again. After almost six months of constant communication, he was done.

The thing she did wrong was that she let her emotions show in a negative way, and tried to maneuver him too early in the relationship. Telling a story about going to a psychic certainly makes a woman appear nutty in a most uncomfortable way. I understand of course. She was falling for him, and felt like there was a road block that she wanted to knock down, and she could see that he was definitely into her, so she took the opportunity to use her power to her advantage. The problem is no woman really has that much power after a few months. A guy can pick up and leave as though he never knew you after 10 months, it happens all the time.

He May Have Another Girlfriend

A wise woman knows that he probably has at least one other girl in his life when he meets you. Guys do not see themselves as attached to you, or like they are cheating, until they say that you are the girlfriend, fiancé, or wife. If you do not hear him calling you one of these names than you are not one of them. By questioning him about others you automatically appear to be insecure, and when a guy sees you as insecure, negative connotations run through his mind that you are a baggage, and you can't get anyone else. Big turn off!

If you do not have any friends who you can let off all the tension and frustration you are experiencing, buy a book about men and read it thoroughly. It should keep you feeling disciplined and informed.

If you have been too emotional too soon you know how it suddenly turns to even more crazy emotion when the guy freaks out and dumps you.

Be Sweet

The way to a man's heart is though lighthearted fun. Early in the relationship there should be no drama. If you have confronted or accused before the 1 year mark, you are on dangerous ground. To make a guy gooey in love, you need to be the girl he has fun with, Not the girl he has some explaining to do to.

We all have jealous feelings and desires, but the girl who keeps all the messy stuff out of the relationship early on, is the one who wins.

Let's just say for example that the guy has met you and 2 other girls around the same time, and is dating the three of you, if you are fun, light and a pleasure to be around, and the other two are saying,"who else are you seeing?" Which one of the three do you think he will be more likely to call? Yes, the one who is nice, drama free, and always easy to get along with.


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    • profile image

      Erica Noble 3 years ago

      My two cents? No, no, and no. It is NOT her failure to play the game of cool and disinterested that caused this relationship to fail, it is his overall unwillingness to take her seriously as a long-term prospect. His failure, not hers. This article perpetuates the myth that women are responsible for how men treat them and if they treat them poorly, or have the audacity to be honest and not play game about their feelings or their end goal, they are going to 'lose the guy.' Buck up; this dude wasn't serious at all if he hadn't broken it off with the ex. If he's serious about YOU he will show his emotion and if he doesn't show emotion, he will DEFINITELY show caring through his actions. After six months, you should be free to even say I love you if the spirit moves you. And, with regard to him, there WILL BE NO QUESTION where you stand. If you have a question, or you are unsure, perhaps you should move on to a man who is worthy of fabulous you!