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Updated on January 8, 2014

Maternal Love.

Most powerful form of love is maternal love.Mother's love towards her child is unconditional.A mother does not expect anything in return,willing to make sacrifices for the well-being of the child.Materialism does not come into play in the display of love from a mother.

In the poor household ,mothers struggle to bring up the children with limited income.This situation prevail in developing countries where the state does not provide any benefits to help the unemployed,families with low income.Sacrifices made by mothers is beyond believe.

Mothers sacrifice their present for the future of their children.Everyday life is a struggle for them.More than 30% of the population in the developing world live below the poverty line.Mothers sacrifice is the life line for their children.

I have not experienced my mothers love as My mother died at child birth due to some complications.But the stories I heard from my villagers and those who knew her very well was very moving.She seems to have been advised by doctors against having a child.She was told blatantly that she will not survive childbirth.Against the advice she decided to go ahead.At the hospital as soon as I was born she wanted to have a look at me and passed away shortly afterwords.

This demonstrates the ultimate sacrifice made by a mother.To this date I miss that maternal love.When that maternal love is available day in day out,you may not sense it ,appreciate it or even underestimate it.

Childhood love

It is believed that children as young as 5 years have emotional feelings.Children at tender age can fall in love.At that age you play simple things like doctors and nurses,hide and seek ,lord Krishna and his friends and many others.You realise that you were in love when you grow older.I can recollect that I was in love as early as 8years old.We used to play on swings,go to temple together,run around,have accidents,look after each other and have emotional attachments.Marrying was the end result of the childish games when we were much younger.At young age sexual feeling doesn't come into equation.

We learn to enjoy the emotional side of love.

Romantic love.

Romantic love takes a different dimension in life. Successful romantic stories by Shakespeare,real love between Cleopatra and Julius Caesar ,Abdication of throne by King Edward VIII for Mrs Simpson,Building of Taj Mahal by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a symbol of love have demonstrated the power of romantic love.

Unfortunately materialism has tarnished the true love.Today people claim to be head over heals one minute,end up in courts to divorce each other.Prenuptial agreement,cancellation of marriages at last minute,disputes over the estates and finances , termination of marriage,terminate engagements on face book and promoting commercial products have commercialised love.

True love is to cherish that love,live with the memories of good times.Good memories of love have the power to overcome any obstacles life throw at you.Learning to forgive each other,appreciate the good in each other.

Paternal love

Children are the outcome of love.Father's love towards the children are not openly displayed.It is an undisputed fact that the birth of children change the dynamics of the relationship between husband and wife.Different cultures view these relationships in different light.

In western culture, state provide financially towards the child development.This take away some parental responsibilities and love.

Computer age

Computer age has stolen the innocence of love.Lack of communication ,over indulgence with modern gadgets, modern tv shows have made a mockery of love.With more sophistication,life has lost it's simplicity.

I sympathise with the new generation of computer kids who are missing out on the simple pleasures of love.

In the name of love.

Nowadays love and sex are misunderstood,misrepresented and overemphasised.Love is confused with sex.Purity of love has lost it's place in modern day society. Sexual revolution is seen as an achievement.If it is an achievement,at what price.AIDS,HIV are the by products of the sexual revolution.

Love in broad terms.

Love is not confined to husband ,wife ,children and families.Some individuals like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi,Nelson Mandela have demonstrated their love towards the humanity sacrificing their personal pleasures.Love is an unknown quantity.You don't run out of love.

Their love have no boundaries,had love in abundance and never exhausted.


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