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Top Best Paid Dating Sites Online

Updated on November 18, 2013

When it comes to online dating, it is no longer a question of whether or not to do it, it is a question of where to do it. Online dating is the absolute easiest way for singles to get a date these days. Out of the hundreds of dating sites on the internet, there are some that outshine the rest and are worth mentioning as being the best dating sites.

Are you new to online dating and looking for the best sites for your money? If so, here is a review of the top three internet dating sites where members actually pay a fee to join.

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Unique Aspects: It has over 26 million subscribers, making it the most popular dating site on the internet, by far. More subscribers means more chances of finding someone near you, even if you live in the sticks with a population of 100 people in your town. The number of members sets the site far beyond the rest when it comes to being well-established.

Best Aspects: The price for what you get at this site beats the competition. It charges the lowest amount in terms of membership, yet you get enough features, and frills to make it worthwhile. The layout is simple and easy to read. Profiles are set up to look like personal ads you would find in the personals of a newspaper with the addition of pictures. Browsing for a date is easy and so is the sign up process. Within minutes anyone can have their own profile page and start looking for dates.

Worst Aspects: Of the 26 million members on the site, a great deal of them are inactive and never removed their profiles. There is no inactivity rules enforced on this site, so it is up to the member to maintain their profile and keep it up to date. It could be futile trying to make a connection with someone who hasn't checked their account in years.

Perfect Match

Unique Aspects: This dating site is set up more for those seeking long-term relationships rather than casual dating. The members are more mature and older in age than most of the other sites. It also uses a variety of different features that can be found elsewhere but not exclusively, like having to answer personality questions before your profile goes active. It is also the only site that uses the Duet compatibility system to match users based on compatible personality traits.

Best Aspects: This site has a good number of members who are serious about dating. It is a gold mine for those who are interested in finding a serious, long-term relationship. The mature following of members sets a no games, serious atmosphere that is essential in finding a lasting partnership. The site has icebreakers that are little quips you can send out to members you are interested in to help you break the ice on a first conversation. The site also has become well-established with over 5 million active members.

Worst Aspects: It falls on the more expensive side for what it offers. The cost to join is steep considering the smaller number of members. Another complaint is that you are limited in the amount of profile pictures you can add, even in paid subscriptions.


Unique Aspects: The way this site was developed to play a matchmaker's role, is entirely unique to dating sites. It takes on the responsibility of finding matches for members by pairing up their personality traits. It requires members to fill out complete personality questionnaires and in-depth assessments in the beginning of the signup process.

Best Aspects: The site does all the work. The only thing required from the members after they fill out the grueling personality questionnaire is to choose one of the preselected matches the site sends to them. Matches are actually selected on a personality factor rather than on looks, or the ability to sell themselves on a dating profile, so the results are less superficial.

Worst Aspects: The time it takes in the beginning to fill out the personality questionnaires is a turn off for some people. The amount of time it takes to actually set up the profile and get started dating is a long process involving a time consuming personality test. Also, there is no option to search for anyone other than the matches the website sends you.

Property of Zoosk
Property of Zoosk


Unique Aspects: Zoosk is one of the fastest growing and most popular dating sites on the net. It has been around since 2007 when it was just a facebook app and has grown into a multi-platform giant. it integrates social media and smartphones to create a unique experience for members. Zoosk has too many unique features to cover them all, but a some of the most notable are Zoosk coins, icebreakers and messenger. Zoosk coins are a form of dating currency that members can use to send gifts to other members. The mobile app allows people to connect instantly and easily find people in their location. Members can chat and get to know each other by using their instant messaging system.

Best Aspects: The millions of active users are, by far, one of Zoosk's best aspects. With so many users, both gay and straight, Zoosk has plenty of options for users to choose from a variety of profiles. The smartphone app is also an innovative way to reach a large audience of 50 million people so it is easy to find dates. Most people that use the site are serious about finding a long term serious relationship. Another good thing about Zoosk is that setting up a profile is easy and can be up and running within minutes. There is also an equal number of female to male users on the site, which is a major plus.

Worst Aspects: The amount of matches is too low for what you pay for. You're paying for a matchmaking service, you should be sent more matches. Other than this one annoyance, and the limited search options, there aren't very many negative things to say about this dating site.

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    • Pro-Hubber profile image

      Pro-Hubber 3 years ago from Florida

      nice list

    • crissytsu profile image

      crissytsu 4 years ago from Texas

      Amen to that...I agree. The problem with free sites is also bogus profiles, scammers who are there to target the naïve and novice daters, and people that are only half-ass serious about finding "true love"...Grant it, I did find my current partner on a free site but it was as much luck as anything else. Scammers (the majority) aren't going to sign up and pay a $50 a month membership fee when they can go troll craiglist, POF and Okcupid for free. Thanks for the votes. I appreciate your insight and comment.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 4 years ago

      Voted up and useful!

      People really should research dating sites before selecting one. They aren't all the same. Just as there is a big difference between staying at a Motel 6 and The Ritz Carlton Hotel. Too often people jump on the "free sites" or Craig's list hoping to find "the cream of the crop" available singles. It's not going to happen!

      Selecting a “free” online site is like moving into an economically depressed section of town and complaining about the high crime rate. If you know what type of person you’re looking for your next step is to find out which sites they are likely to join.

      After I gave this advice to one woman she said, “I don’t feel like I should have to pay for love.” Becoming a member of an online dating site is no more paying to find love than it would be to pay a cover charge to get into a nightclub. Both the online dating membership fee and the cover charge merely grants you (access) to other people who are there. You're simply joining "the party".

      At the end of the day you are responsible for your choices in life. No matter how or where you meet a stranger always use good commonsense!