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Best Ways To Stay Positive in Your Life

Updated on March 8, 2013
Your mind, are you in control?
Your mind, are you in control? | Source

For many of us life is just a joke. It can be disheartening when we have to face our daily problems, that seem to amount to something and never slows down. We have this mental tunnel effect, and we want so bad to see the light at the other side. People around us might not even understand us, and that makes it worse. Here are some ideas and tips, that might help us to be better and get to go in life as never...thought of before.


You know that person in front of the mirror. You know is hard to deal with the issues and the backlash. Yo can call it perfectionist and critical to death. But you have to take this bull by the horns. For some reason is keeping you and holding you back. You've ever seen how a movie takes momentum and you know is coming, and you know the outcome is going to be good? Well use that strength that is keeping you on hold on your favor.

Write in a piece of paper what are your attributes and qualities. And of course, in another piece of paper write four words that could describe the reasons of being negative. Maybe is a chemical reaction that has been going on since birth, who knows. Perhaps a trauma that keeps haunting you. You write those four reasons and go in the backyard and burn that piece of paper, or throw it far away from you. Take a deep breath and say to yourself, "you are free now. You are completely free!" If you cried, that was good and honest. Some adrenaline was released, and a load was... left behind.


In order to see changes, you have to make your own changes. Paint that corner that you wanted to paint. Get rid of negative memories and feelings. Go to Salvation Army and do some charity, by donating clothes that can help the needy. That gardening in the backyard. Check around. Do you need some seeds from your local Hardware store? Do you want to move the bed around? Do you need to change things around your living room? By doing this you are bringing positive thoughts around yourself: Your mind has been working and every now and then, you will be smiling. That's how the Creator sees us, even though we are like small creatures with just earthly comprehension.



Talking about the House. Did you ever wonder how Adam never got bored, apparently, in Paradise? Well, he was wrestling with Mr. Lion and having a ball with Eve. By ball, we meant to say fun. We don't need to get banned.

Whenever he got bored, he went down the road like 'George of the Jungle,' to check the animals and so on. For this 21st Century, we have so much going on. You figure it yourself and then let us know. Do you like sports? Bowling? Bingo at that Church? Do you jog with a female friend? Do you go to visit a friend and probably cook together? There are so many reasons to get out of the house, or "out of those four walls," like my mom used to say. Forgot to tell you. There are some specials at the Shopping Center after those hectic hours. Or use AEvans cyber stores to get rid of things you do not need anymore:



Whatever your beliefs are, you know you need to be in peace with yourself. The way we were made out of love, makes us ponder about... humm, our own reasons to be here. Our cells were created to do good. You have an alternator and use it in your car. If you want to mess it up, just sprinkle some water on it. The minute we do something wrong, we will feel bad. So, to make this philosophy of life simple, be at peace with the big boss, therefore yourself.

How could you??
How could you?? | Source


No matter how ready you are to take that daily task, just hold on for a minute and think. The Universe around us is infinite. I give you one example: You are at the red light and you know you are waiting for that green to go. Next to you, by chance, parks this crying woman. You start wondering what's wrong with her, or whatever happened to her. Behind you is this guy who just broke up with his wife and his feet are not really following his mind. You have to think in advance what is going to happen in one second. Just be ready and think in advance. Life is not what we really see from our point of view. That's why guys turn around to see that miniskirt. We are from Mars, and we barely think.

You are in control of your mind now..!
You are in control of your mind now..! | Source


We all go through this. We all have been around failure and the past. We certainly are prone to make mistakes. Can we forgive ourselves for stupid things? Of course we can. You might say, 'yeah, is easy to say it,' and you are right. But you have more tools after spending your five minutes with us.

Negative thoughts are useless. Would you pay 75 dollars for a night gown and never wear it? Would you let an old man die on the street, knowing yourself that... you took CPR last year and certainly are aware of the procedures? Negative thoughts are like the eggs that have got rotten, and you want to keep them in that freezer. Are you smarter than this? I know you are!

Tomorrow is another day... to make it better
Tomorrow is another day... to make it better | Source


Period. The good thing is that we are not in XVI century Europe. Back then there was no control over your life. Medicine was empirical, and you could not survive childbirth if that 'surgeon' didn't wash his hands. We are in this very 2012, and help is just a phone call away...better said, a click away. If the past keeps staying in us, which I suspect happens more than we think, you need to trust in others and get help. Either a physician or a nutritionist should get a visit from you. Probably Menopause is already signing in by the door, and you didn't even think about it. But if that past stays with you, then there is an issue. You'd better get a thorough check up and ultimately take care of yourself. Who else better than you.

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