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The marriage of Prince William and Katherine - books of celebration

Updated on February 23, 2013

Kate and William

You may have watched the Royal Wedding on the television and savoured every beautiful minute of it. There will be personal highlights for everyone, Kate's dress, the JU5TWED number plate on the Aston Martin or "The Kiss", version 1 or 2!

As with all "Royal events" there are a number of souvenir books.

William and Catherine:A Royal Wedding

From May 17th 2011, Amazon has available William and Catherine: A Royal Wedding by the author Andrew Morton who caused so much publicity when he published his book "Diana, the True story". This book is billed as William and Catherine- their story. The contents of this book are not known at the moment but if you pre order with Amazon you will be amongst the first o read it. The price is guaranteed so even if the final price is higher, you still pay the lower price!

Photograph books

Also due out on May 17th is" William and Catherine- their Royal Courtship and Wedding"in photographs by David Elliot Cohen and Robert Jackson. This book promises high quality photographs of special moments. I do hope the dress is in it- a good close up of the lace would be nice. Apparently the lace was hand made which is amazing, having seen lace bobbins at work i cannot see how they are able to do it so well.

Official Souvenirs

There are official souvenirs. Due out on July 16th is "The Royal Wedding: The Official Westminster Abbey Souvenir"

Available on May 24th is Willam and Catherine: A royal wedding souvenir by Annie Bullen


If you can wait until May 31st the edition of LIFE- the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, expanded commerative edition, with what promises to be some superb photographs.


If ike me you have a wacky sense of humour and enjoy knitting, then Knit your own Royal Wedding is just the book for you. The book has easy knit patterns which are suitable for beginners with instructions in both UK and US needles sizes.

Books and Books

So, there are absolutely loads of books available, from paperbacks that slip into your purse to hard backed coffee table books with quality photographs. What are you waiting for? Grab one of these titles and snuggle up for a good read!


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