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Buy Royal Wedding Souvenirs, Prince William and Kate Middleton, online today!

Updated on February 5, 2015

Unless you have been living in a cave, somewhere in deepest darkest Peru, you will have heard about the wedding!

For those cave dwellers amongst you, Prince William second in line to the British throne is getting married to a lovely young woman, Kate Middleton. The wedding is on the 29th April 2010 which will be a holiday in the United Kingdom , and the ceremony will be watched by viewers all over the world.

The couple are on the television almost daily, with cameras charting their progression throughout the country

HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton
HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton

In this country we have a tradition of souvenirs. Our parents may have coronation cups from Queen Elizabeth, our grandparents from George v1 or a few lucky ones from Edward v111th who abdicated in 1936.

If you are an avid viewer of Antiques Roadshow you will often see people showing their souvenirs from previous weddings and coronations. At the time of writing this my thoughts turned to HRH the Queen Mother who sadly died just after her 100th birthday. Events like this are so special that a souvenir will be a constant reminder of a person or an event,

The souvenirs are already available to be purchased. The speed at which they have appeared on the market makes me wonder if manufacturers have been planning production pending the announcement.

You can now buy your very own coffee mug celebrating the wedding.

You could keep it as a collectors item or just use it to get into the spirit of the wedding

Amazon say that the mug is dishwasher proof and the colours will not fade with use, which is useful as we still have a few months of coffee drinking til the wedding

There are also some beautiful Aynsley bone china cups and plates. I think these would be more, china cabinet or wall plates rather than everyday use.

This is a wedding plaque- looks like a photo frame and marks the date of the wedding.

The frame is both scratch and UV resistant which should ensure that it remains in good condition for some time Looking at the frame I thought what a nice present it would make, small but tasteful

When a blushing Lady Diana Spencer became engaged to Prince Charles she was given a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring. The sapphire was huge and surrounded by sparkling diamonds. On his engagement Prince William gave his mothers ring to Kate.

You can have your own copy of the ring, The ring has a glass sapphire in the centre and is surrounded by swarovski diamonds- not the real thing for sure, but it will attract attention wherever you go!

Read the Books!

You may think you know all about Will and Kate, but there are books out there that will provide you with all the minute details. Where did they first meet? Where did they go on their first date? Who are their close friends.

A selection of books are available from Amazon and no doubt the list will grow each day

This will grow

 Like the young couples love for each other, this hub will grow, so check back later in the year or next year and find out about the latest goodies available.


Me, I am looking for a supply of bunting to deck the house with, we are going to have some party!

The latest addition to the range at Amazon is the commemorative china plate and mug made by Staffordshire (England) pottery firm Aynsley. These articles have been especially commissioned for the Royal Wedding. Be the first to grab a slice of history.

Royal Wedding Mouse Pad

Latest offering from Amazon is a mouse pad (or mat if you are British) which has been especially created to celebrate the royal engagement. The pad is 8.5" x 9.7" and is an excellent way to keep memories of that special day alive. Ideal to take into the workplace where it provides not only a function but also lovely thoughts


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