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Buy Personalised Hen Party T-Shirts for your Hen Do

Updated on July 14, 2011

Hen Party T-Shirts

 Hen party t-shirts are a great way to personalise your hen do, and let everyone around know exactly what you're celebrating.

Your hen do is a time to get together with friends and celebrate your last days of being a 'Miss' before your become a 'Mrs' ~ so you want to make sure you celebrate in style ~ and having personalized hen night t-shirts made for you is one way to do this. It also has a practical application in that if there are a big group of you and not everyone knows each other, it can be a way of breaking the ice, allowing everyone to get to know each other and give an easy way of identifying members of the group if anyone does get separated.

There are 2 ways to get hen night t-shirts, you can make them yourself using iron on transfers for t-shirts or you can create a design and have them done for you via online t-shirt printing.



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Hen Night T-Shirt Ideas To Make Yourself

 If you're making them yourself the first thing you need is a good supply of blank t-shirts.

One advantage of making them at home is that you can choose a range of styles and sizes to suit everyone, which isn't always possible when they're bought online ~ after all a skinny sleeveless t-shirt might look great on your younger sister but your Mum might appreciate something with sleeves.

Once the style and colour has been chosen it's then time to think about your hen party t-shirt design.  

You can get home t-shirt transfer printing kits, though if you do want to use photos on your t-shirts you are probably better getting them done professionally as the quality does tend to be better (assuming you don't want to spend a fortune of buying proper kit to do the printing) ~ which leaves using iron-on transfers.

Again you can make your own iron on t-shirt transfers but the selection available to buy is so wide that unless you or a friend regularly does hot fix applications buying ready made is the way to go. You can either go for a design or a word i.e. 'Bride', 'Bridesmaid' etc, or if you can't find anything you like there are plenty of companies around who will do a bespoke design for you that you can then apply. 

Getting Personalised Hen Party T-Shirts Made

This is the option for you if you want personalised hen party t-shirt slogans on your t-shirts.

Whether you want a hen night t-shirt diamante design with your name and date on it, or a picture of the groom, or a slogan, this is the most hassle free way of getting your hen party t-shirts made for you.

With some companies there are template designs for you to choose from which you then customise with your details, or there are those where you can start from scratch and come up with your own hen night t-shirt designs.

Hen Do Ideas

So now you're all set with your dazzling diamante hen party t-shirt design, or your 'girls on tour' slogan type t-shirts it time to get on with the rest of the hen party planning, and for that you need some great hen do ideas such as having a cupcake decorating hen party.


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