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Hen Party Ideas - Have a Cupcake Decorating Party For Your Hen Night

Updated on May 27, 2011

Looking for Hen Party Ideas, Try Cupcake Parties

 If you're stuck for hen party ideas, and on the lookout for something different why not try cupcake decorating as a different sort of hen night activity.

Decorating cupcakes is great fun, suitable for all ages and with a few simple techniques anyone can make amazing cupcake creations.

It's a perfect ice breaker if you've got a lot of people at your hen party or hen weekend who don't know each other as it's an activity everyone can get involved in, from the youngest to the oldest.

It's also fantastic if you're looking for cheap hen night ideas it can easily be done at home on a 'do it yourself' basis.

it really is the perfect activity as not only is it great fun, you also get to learn a new skill, and you get to eat the cupcakes afterwards.


Hen Party Ideas at Home - Cupcake Decorating

If you do fancy having a go at this at home there are a few simple steps to follow to ensure everyone has a great time.

You'll need cupcakes, I'd suggest a minimum of 4 - 6 per person so everyone can try out different designs. Cupcakes can either be made or bought - if you've got a lot of people coming buying them may be easier but if you do buy them make sure you get ones with as flat a top as possible so that they are easier to decorate.

Steps to a Great Hen Night Cupcake Party

  1. Have plenty of sweets, fondant and buttericing around. When it comes to sweets you want a wide variety. As a suggestion multi-coloured jelly beans are great for flower petals and chocolate buttons make great eyes - basically it's the more the merrier.
  2. You'll need space for everyone and if you can fit everyone around a table that really is the best thing.
  3. Cupcake decorating can get messy so aprons (or old shirts) are a must.
  4. If you've got someone in your group who is good at cupcakes get them to make up a few 'demo' ones as this can help those whose imaginations are a bit slow to catch up.
  5. You don't just have to stick to decorating your cupcakes ~ you can play games too. Why not blindfold someone and get them to decorate a cupcake based purely on your directions.

Above all have fun, make your cupcakes as naughty or nice as you like (it is a hen weekend after all) and if you're looking for a few designs to get your started why not try these ever so cute cow cupcakes, or these beautiful sugar paste lilies.

Have a Professional Cupcake Decorating Class for your Hen Night

If you want something a little more formal for your hen night why not arrange for a professional cupcake decorating class.

Depending on the group size you may be able to have someone come to your house, or hold it in another suitable location.

Cupcake classes are great if you want all the fun of decorating the cupcakes without any of the hassle of organising the event ~ everything should be provided for you at one of these events so all you should have to do is turn up and have a good time.

The other advantage is you are hiring the skills of a professional cake decorator so should also learn a few good techniques at the event and come away with a box of beautifully decorated cupcakes.

To find a suitable class do an Internet search of local cupcake makers and look for ones who do classes. If they do classes then even if they don't advertise hen night events they would probably be happy to put a package together for you. Speaking as a cake decorator I know this is something I would be only too pleased to do.

 Cupcake decorating will easily fill a couple of hours (or more) of your hen night or weekend but if this leaves you with some extra time to fill why not have a look at some other great Hen Weekend Ideas.


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    • kids-toy-box profile image

      kids-toy-box 7 years ago

      Cute cupcakes will defintely be the ice breaker. There are also many premade moulds and decorations to top muffins with its nearly impossible not to impress your guests.