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You can still buy Royal Wedding souvenirs from Amazon

Updated on February 23, 2013


There are lots of retailers selling souvenirs for the Royal Wedding, but why choose Amazon? Apart from the really great deals on prices they offer Super Saver Shipping that's free delivery on most products if you spend over $25 and some purchases are even shipped free!

When you order you are given an estimated delivery date and you can track your package so no more worries as to where it is. It is such an advantage to be able to track where a package is. Sometimes it can be so frustrating waiting  for a package that has not come. If you have a signed for package it means that there is an electronic record of your signature so you can immediately tell if there has been a fraud. The importance of this was drilled home to me last week. My daughter had ordered some bracelets online, not from Amazon I must say, and realising that they had not come she checked the on line order tracking. She found that the goods had been delivered at a  time when I was probably in but the signature was not mine, nor was it any member of the family- just a squiggle. She has contacted the delivers Parcel force with the evidence and we are awaiting to hear, but without the evidence of the signature we would not have had any evidence to take to the delivery firm.

You could make a mistake when ordering, its easily done- lets face it many of us can buy the wrong items even when we see them in the store in front of us. If you get something and it really is not what you thought you can return it unopened within 30 days and get a FULL refund. If its broken you just return it and replace it. Mind you the product descriptions and packaging are so good that I have never had to return anything. Delivery usually takes place immediately after the order. However it is really important to note that some of the Royal Wedding souvenir products advertised on Amazon have to be shipped from the United Kingdom and this will mean that  delivery can be longer. Read the description capsule carefully as it will give an estimated delivery time. That's really great if you are waiting impatiently for your purchase to arrive.


Amazon is probably best known for its original focus which was books. It is the number one resource for books which are often shipped on a next day service, Having two students in our house, I know how important it is to be able to get that book when you need it. You dont have to find the mall and hope they have your book and best of all it is available 24/7, so if you work shifts or wake up in the middle of the night, you can go online and do your shopping.

 If you are thinking buying Royal Wedding Souvenirs or indeed any other on line product consider using or even Go on! Try it and buy from one of the biggest and most reliable On Line  suppliers in the world. They do sell more than books!


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