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Can Cousin Marrying Cousin: Be Legal, Sin or Genetic problem.

Updated on April 6, 2011

Cousin marriage

Marriage among cousins was a custom in some parts of Hindu and Muslim countries but very much lower in ratio in the Western countries.

It is also observed that even in Europe and United states cousin marriages have taken place among the kings and also common people. But the tradition has been discouraged severely since the recent past.

Even it is considered illegal or unethical based on personal feelings of unacceptability.

This discouragement was solely due to view of some so called idealistic people.

Even there are certain scientific evidences of genetic abnormality or lack of conception among the married cousin couple. This could also be another fact or reason for the decrease in cousin marriages.

Why or why not

The primary aspect of humans which demarks them from animals is that lack of marriage and sexual relation between children and parents and also between children of same parent or parents.

But still cousin marriage was encouraged by the ancient thinkers with some intentions like.

1. To strengthen the blood relation linked relationships.

2. To hold or safeguard the property or kingdom within the members of family lineage.

Marriage between non cousins has some advantages like better and healthy progeny. Broadening of relation groups. Building of friendships etc.

There were cases wherein some kings gave their daughters in marriage to a mightier king (troublesome) with the intention to build friendship and safe guard their own kingdoms.

How to rules for cousin marriage.

There are people who doubt if its right to go for cousin marriage in both negotiated and also love marriages. This is because fear of improper progeny (by science) or illegal by rules of law or religious unethical (Sin) or something else.

Improper progeny aspect (genetic): There are a good number of cases with troublesome conception or defective children due to cousin marriages. But the ration or chances of this impoper progeny is smaller.

The cousin marriage if as a custom running from very long or many previous generation, then the chances of improper progeny is higher. But if there is no history of cousin marriage in at least past few generation, then it may not pose a severe problem.

Legal aspect: There are not many nation which made laws regarding cousin marriage or prohibition of cousin marriage so check for the rules if any in your nation.

SIn or ethical aspect: As regards to the human and animal differences philosophy, cousin should not be preferably a child of same parent as per religous ethics.

But as a rule of cousin marriages, lets see how they were or even now practiced in certain religions

The rule of Hindu community was to go for marriage among cross cousins i.e. a guy can marry his father's sister's daughter or his mother's brother's daughter.

But it is also said that among Muslims a guy could marry his fathers brother's daughter.

Science points out to a likely problem in the outcome of the children. But the ancient Indians or intellectuals are not that ignorant in this aspect. Perhaps they have this tradition to retain or keep up the family relations of past intact.

Any how i personally feel this system also helped them get a guy or girl in marriage, whom they had a bit of acquittance or prior idea of their nature, charector or culture etc.



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