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Change Online Dating Match Username on Account

Updated on September 16, 2012

Introduction to Making a New User Name on Match is one of the most recognizable online dating sites that I can think of. I'm not sure if this is true but I have to think Match is one of the pioneers of bringing dating online to the mainstream. It seems everyone I know who is single, divorced or widowed has either tried or is considering delving into the world of Internet dating

Usernames are a big part of Internet dating. Your online dating profile does not require you to disclose your real name and most people don't. Everyone displays a username on their dating profiles. Until you actually exchange real names with that potential significant other, your user name is the only name people identify you by.

Sometimes your username just needs a change. This post will show you how to change it on Match.

Why Would I Want to Change My User Name?

There are a number of reasons I can think of why you might want to change your username:

  1. You feel for some reason your username is hurting your dating chances. Maybe that user name "StudDawg", "LadySlayer","MateStalker" or "PimpleBack" doesn't seem to be working for you any more
  2. You are revealling too much. If your name is Jane Doe and live on Park Street and your username reads JaneDoeOnParkST, you might be a little too inviting. "MateStalker" might come knocking
  3. You are bored with your Match name. If your Match name is getting old. Change it up
  4. Your username isn't who you are anymore. If your username is ProJuggler and you lost all your fingers doing some chainsaw act it might be time for a change.

OK, let's cut to the chase (no pun intended) and get your username updated / changed.

Step 1 - Log Into Your Match Account

Log into your account as you normally would. If you constantly need to look up your password, don't put it away just yet. You'll need your password again later.

The Account Drop Down - Step 2

Look to the upper right corner of the screen. See the where it says "Account" ? Click on the drop down arrow.

Settings on Match - Step 3

In the drop down menu that appears below "Account" you'll see the world "Settings" Go ahead and click on "Settings"

Sign up Information - Step 4

A new screen will appear with a ton of options on it. Down toward the bottom of this page you'll see "Sign Up Information" Go ahead and click on "Sign Up Information"

Remember I Told You To Keep That Password Handy? has a little security check point set up here. Go ahead and reenter your password. I know you've done it once already but Match can never be too careful (and you shouldn't be either :-)

The Sign Up Info Screen - Step 6

OK, now you are in the Sign Up Information screen. Click the "Sign Up Information" button.

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Now Edit Your User Name

A window will open up show all your deepest and most personal information.... actually just some of your personal information Match collects from you when you sign up for an account. Look for your user name and then edit it to whatever you want (within the Match guidelines that it)

That should do it. You have edited your user name on your account.


Have Some Wacko That Won't Stop Emailng on Match?

All of us should be so lucky to be in love to the point where you can not stand to be without one another. What if someone finds that amazing love while online dating and that love is directed to you and there isn't a moment where they don't want to be contacting you? What if you don't feel the same way? What if you can't stand the attention? What can you do? Is there anyway to stop all of this?

Can you hide or block or ?

I have some ideas about this and posted them in this article. Click here to read more.

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    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 4 years ago

      Glad to hear you guys met Wendy :-)

    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 4 years ago from Maryland

      Great Tips. I met my current boyfriend on a dating site. :)