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The Companions

Updated on April 6, 2017

Never in my life did I imagine that the group of people I hung out with during the beginning year of my high school would by the end of my school period become an essentially.A pack which knows me way better then myself,a gang which can tell whats going on in my head just by a mere glance on my face ( and trust me am not one of the most expressive people in this world).Ironic,as it feels to me sometimes,i don't have tell the idiots anything at all they just work it out drives me crazy sometimes but makes be weirdly happy :P How it all started??It never really was the 5 of us from the very beginning..when it all started it was just Zanny,Sabby and I..It was grade 6 i first it was just acknowledgment but later it was like we got unseparable or something..especially sabby and was like we sat together,ate together and never wanted to do anything without the other I would say the first bond I made was definitely with sabby..Then of course came in zanny..with witty remarks,funny jokes and to exceptional goodness it was impossible for us not to extend our group from a duo to a trio :P End of seventh grade,I ended up communicating with the brightest kid in our class..As far as I can recall it was because of an English paper,I guess we both had corresponding marks or something,teacher told us to look in each others papers after grading them and handing them back to us to find out where we went wrong as we had made exactly opposite mistakes..The next thing I remember is realizing how much we had in common..we liked the same books,had pretty much same interests and quite similar prospects of viewing things..I introduced this new discovery of mine to sabby and zanny..and that was it,no biggie,it was just like another person i knew and so did my I said before mere acknowledgment..I think I'll never forget how I called the Einstein up just the night before our chemistry final because no body else I knew was able to help me with my issue on the chapter "CELL - the fundamental unit " and how I was totally scared before calling that when I put the receiver down I was jumping worth relief,yes jumping with relief and not joy..I do that,do you mind?? :PI think the biggest turn on for me towards people is how they turn to me when I need them..So for me,the Einstein was definitely a part of my hang out friends after the way she came around for me..and so the trio was extended to a quad on my wish..I think this was the period during which my Einstein and I bonded..And when I am bonded to a new person I make sure everybody else I am bonded to also bonds with this person..yea yea I know i m persistent..:P lol During eighth grade Sabby discovered a new creature..aka Chatterbox..:P it may sound mean but its true folks.. has the capability of talking for hours and can drive you nuts within minutes but is still one of the person really close to my heart...umm that could be because I am like that too :P..anyway,CB was a shoo in too and this how the duo turned into a pen ta within 3 years..

How the name COMPANIONS got coined in??

lol,during our togetherness of 5 long years,never once did we came up with the idea of actually naming our seemed awfully silly and childish..but during the end of high school the year book committee told us that we should name ourselves something so that we have a proper recognition for our Yearbook..So sabby,Einstein and chatterbox came up with the name "companions"..I think 'twas sabby who gave the main idea but can say anything for sure since I was not there myself.:P

COMPANIONS - how they appear to me...

Sabby:This is one person in the world to whom you can talk about everything and anything and never have to worry about it being spilled all over the town..A true Arian as i may say,sabby and i are like a contrasting green and!! No offense to any other Companion but sabby and i in my opinion are the most bonded duo.We may have fought over the times but honestly i cant recall a single day or single night when i have slept without working things out with sabby.It has always been like this,we were like two fingers held together during high school and no matter the distance today we still are like that..I truly hope that never changes..'cause sabby is a friend you simply cherish..all your life!! was definitely the fashion consultant in our group..:P and have to say has a very kind and loving heart for all those who play fair to love the extended..:) rock on!!

Zanny: one of the most sensible people in this world.You know the type who can put two and two together when needed and extend a helping hand whenever needed.Zanny was the person upon which we could rely 24x7 without worrying about the burden we are putting was kind of harsh sometimes..but never did we hear any complains..Zanny had different subjects as compared to the rest of us..and our schedules varied a lot of times but the weirdo always found enough times for our wacky moods and hunger attacks..oh and was also like a bank lol, anybody who wanted to borrow any money ran to zanny at top speed..miss yew fatso..

Einstein: (LOL) this was definitely the brain in our group!! a statue of etiquette,class and totally rave flair for all English language affairs..To me,this was the person i could turn to with all sorts of academic problems and then walk away with a total mental peace..I called her 'Freaky perfectionist' sometimes, though not a freak Einstein was a perfectionist.The hand brake to us all of us when our car of wackiness got out of of the things I'll never forget is how my Einstein helped me with constructive criticism on my compositions..and of course the time when i was going for that extempore competition..all your back up and support did buck me up alot..Thanks for sticking by me all the time..i just hope you would stay in a little more contact than you do right now..

Chatterbox: My Sweet,erratic,bubbly and the overemotional freak..The never ending rubbish,catchy phrases,heart stopping recklessness,infective guffaws,contagious childishness,irritating breakdowns,comforting hugs,innocent teary smiles,back breaking hand shocks and of course the damn annoying habit of munching crisps 24x7 are the things i miss the most..Something ill never forget about CB..i guess what she said on my birthday last year and i quote.."Ive known this little devil for like 5 years now but i have to say she is one of the most unpredictable things on the planet,'cause sometimes even i cant tell wht going on in her head.." lol, you are a freak CB take it from me..but i still miss you..:)

Me: :P Insane is the perfect word I'd honestly there's not much to say cause i never really made any huge contributions in our group..I was the person who sat back with my legs folded and watched everyone else do the job..and made sure everyone did their job lol (umm guys when you are commenting feel free to disagree with that..:P)

Hmm its weird indeed,its been a year since we all departed in our different directions of life.The last time we really met was at our high school convocation.However the first thing that came to my mind when i created my HUB was to write my heart out about companions,i know i have written quite some stuff up there but i cant even begin to tell how much still dwells in my heart and that no matter how hard i try i just wont be able to put it all in words..This may be a really feeble attempt to put it all in words but at least it is something..Lemme know how successful i was you guys..:D am totally waiting..


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