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DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas - The Cake, Centerpiece, and Your Dress

Updated on October 17, 2013

Are you interested in coming up with DIY rustic wedding ideas? Your special day is only four months away so you need to get started with a few ideas right away. How about setting up the perfect rustic wedding? Just imagine how the photos will turn out. Your lovely white dress will practically glow in front of all those rustic wedding centerpieces, and decorations. It’s possible to find rustic wedding dresses if you don’t want to go with an everyday traditional dress.

Choosing summer wedding colors

First let’s discuss summer wedding colors. Most people want to have a rustic wedding during the summer because you are dealing with “warm” colors. Also, there are many who have their wedding in the fall too. Summer colors include yellow, red, brown, pink and orange.

Instead of sticking to just one color, choose three different colors you want to incorporate into your wedding. This way the contrast will really stand out and so will your photos. Make sure the colors you choose are matched closely together. You can also mix them up. Say you want a rustic wedding with brown and dark orange colors. The next color can be aqua which will add the contrast.

Ideas for Rustic wedding cakes

When it comes to DIY rustic wedding ideas, it’s not complete without your “rustic wedding cake”. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a chocolate cake for the wedding. In fact, you can go with a wonderful Tiramisu cake because it looks so rustic. There are some cakes made out of pudding, vanilla, apple, cookies, or even caramel. With so many recipe options, you will be able to find the perfect rustic wedding cake. Here are a few types of cakes you can make:

  • Naked Victorian Sponge Cake

  • Chocolate Wedding Cake with Fresh fruit and Syrup

  • Three-tier Vanilla cake with flowers and a tree stump base

  • Mixed Flan Cake with a river of syrup

  • Unfrosted Bread Cake with Flower Decor

The Rustic Wedding Poll

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Beautiful Rustic wedding centerpieces

Looking for some beautiful rustic wedding centerpieces that you can create? It’s obvious that the DIY method saves money and also allows you to be creative when it comes to your wedding. Hiring someone to create decorations isn’t something everyone wants to do. Enjoying your wedding is all about the little things - especially when it comes to preparation. Here are some DIY ideas for centerpieces:

Love Nuts

Funny name, eh? Well, you can create your own centerpiece where guests can enjoy a mixed assortment of nuts while they wait for their meal. Look at the picture to see what we mean. You can mold your own bowl into letters that spell LOVE or even something personalized.

The Pinecone Numbered Table

Numbering each and every table is a convenient way to ensure that the waiters don’t mix up your guests food. On top of that, you can add a few pinecones along with a vintage number card. This certainly gives it a rustic look, especially if you place a few lace clothes beneath the centerpiece.

Vintage Wooden Tool Box

Carving your own mini wood box is a great way to show off your creative skills. You could also find an old one off eBay and decorate it. Go ahead and etch you and your hubby’s initials into the box. Guests will be asking where you got it from. The trick is to add different types of sauces, pepper, salt, and other items in the basket. Don’t forget to put an extra set of napkins in there too.

Rustic wedding dresses for the bride

Rustic wedding dresses are quite the catch. Now that you’ve covered all your DIY rustic wedding ideas, you can concentrate on the type of dress you need. This all comes down to personal preference. Some women prefer wearing lace while others want a silk dress. Here are a few ideas that you can choose from:

Silk Dress with Ruffles at the bottom

One of the most comfortable and stunning dresses are made of silk. If you really want to show off, get a silk dress that has ruffles at the bottom of the dress, going from your hips to the very end. This will give the dress texture. You can purchase a brown or tan dress to make it look rustic. Take a look at the bride in the pictures if you want an example of this wedding gown.

Lace Dress with Beads

The most popular dress of today is the lace dress with beads. Usually most women will wear a corset dress with beads lining the corset. The bottom of the dress may contain beads or might be “bare” - just with lace only.

Tanned Dress with Flowers

If you are on a budget but still want your dress to look beautiful, decorate it with tons of flowers. Go with a tan dress and incorporate orange, white, and subtle yellow flowers in it. You can line the flowers across the strap of the dress if you’d like.

Country Style Dress

DIY rustic wedding ideas aren’t always about formality. In fact, most rustic dresses look casual. It’s almost as if you are wearing a summer dress. A country style dress would look perfect on you and you could have the seamstress hem the bottom of the dress so that way you can show off your boots. Believe it or not, but this is a southern style, especially if you just want to be comfortable when dancing or walking around.


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