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Dating Advice for Seniors

Updated on August 29, 2014

I live in Florida, the state where many seniors decide to spend their golden years. With a Masters Degree in Behavioral Medicine, I often have senior clients with my job as a case manager. From what I notice, seniors who are divorced or widowed, and have no plans of ever re-marrying again, are often sicker and die much sooner.

It is amazing how spry many seniors get when they look and venture out for a new relationships. They are practically teenagers! When the individual lives in a residential setting, finding a new mate is much easier. In less populated setting, they often turn to the internet but may fear they are doing it wrong.

Here are the tips I would give my clients.

1. Reputation- Choose a dating site with a good reputation, like eharmony, Match, or choose a senior friendly site like Our Time. Reputation is key. Do not go to Craig's List

2. Be honest- But don't say too much. You should be honest for the information you say, but that doesn't mean you should say how much money you have, how nice of a house or car you have. You don't want to attract someone who can try to take advantage of you.

3. Pictures- Don't ever post, and don't let others, post a picture of you that might regret later. We all get cocky once in a while, and some drinks on top of that, you may post pictures you regret. Try not to do this. Think long and hard before you post a picture of yourself. Don't post old photos and pretend that's what you look like now, that never ends well.

4. When to meet face to face- Usually the right time occurs naturally when both agree that they would like to take the next step. If your not ready to meet, say so, but if you wait too long, they may lose interest. So timing is everything.

5. Where to meet- Meet in a public place, where there are plenty of other people. More and more honest people are looking for love on the internet, but there are still crooks. Go meet at Starbucks for coffee, where you can talk and see if you like one another. Going for dinner seems a bit serious, and you stuck with the person for two hours, then there's the bill. Go for coffee first. Have a cell phone for an emergency.

Happy dating!


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    • MSGolden51 profile image

      MSGolden51 3 years ago

      Wonderful advice! Thanks

    • baseballguide profile image

      baseballguide 3 years ago from United States

      Though I'm not a senior yet, I found this piece useful. Yes, there's no age limit when it comes to love... I think seniors (who are widowed and divorced in particular) are in a more comfortable position for a relationship because most of them have financial stability, among all other things. It's the lifetime companionship they're looking for. Thanks for posting.