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Dating a Capricorn Man: Mr. Dependable

Updated on December 27, 2012

Here we have the Capricorn man installment of my tongue in cheek, astrological dating articles. But while I've had lots of negatives and snarky comments about the other signs, I have to admit this is one of my favorite male astrological signs and I can't really say too many negatives about dating a Capricorn man. Sure, they have their faults, and I've never managed to have a successful relationship with a single one of them, but I reckon that was probably more to do with me than them. The first totally crushing breakup I ever had was the first time I'd been dumped, and that was by a Capricorn. I still think about him and wonder how that might've turned out had I not been too young and immature to know what kind of man I wanted. So if you're dating a Capricorn man, read this and pay attention!

The Basics:

  • How to flirt with a Capricorn man: Give him a genuine compliment; be practical
  • How to tick a Capricorn man off: Screw him over, even once.

  • How to scare a Capricorn man off: Come on strong

  • How to get a Capricorn man back: They tend not to give second chances.

Mr. Chilly Willy

Capricorn men seem closed and cold at times. They seem as though they have this professional distance from people they are just getting to know. This is not an outgoing or inherently warm and fuzzy sign -- this is a calculating mind that does not rush into anything, even if it's just saying hello to a pretty face he's encountered for the first time. The good news is, they are very warm once they've gotten to know you. They even have a personality beneath that often-dull exterior. They smile, they have fun, they party; but not until they feel safe and secure around you. So if you're waiting for Mr. Chilly Willy to kiss you, give him some time -- they can move pretty slowly in the beginning, but once they turn on, they pretty much stay on.

Mr. Fair and Square

These guys may take awhile to warm up but once they do they take courtship to a whole new level. They can be very old-fashioned and will happily shower a girl with gifts. But he will expect you to live up to his expectations. And if you get married? You're going to have to be the best wife/mother you can be, because he will expect it in return for his being an outstanding husband and father. So don't go slacking with the kids or cleaning cos he will not take it well.

Mr. Dependable

If I had to choose a sign in the zodiac that best meets the definition of best male provider (and I'm talking about family/kids -- I'm not talking about the best guy to mooch off of) I'd have to go with Capricorn because they are solid and reliable. They think ahead, they calculate what needs to be done and they stay on top of it. Whoever invented the phrase, "like a rock" must have been thinking about a Capricorn. See? I told you, I really can't say anything bad about the Capricorn male.


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