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Dating a Gemini Man: Got Lithium?

Updated on July 11, 2012

It's time to talk about dating Gemini men in yet another tongue in cheek astrological dating article. If you've met a Gemini man and want to know the dirt on him (and he's got loads of annoying qualities, let me tell you!) just have a look see at this sarky view on one of the signs I happen to have dated more often than not. I don't know how it is that I always wind up with Gemini men, but I can tell you that I screen these buggers out well in advance now. Unfortunately it took most of my 20s to realize how incompatible I was with this sign, but hey, more of them for you, right?

Mr. Chatty

I think everyone knows that Geminis almost never shut up. I am Gemini rising myself and I can go on until the cows come home myself, and that's just with Gemini as my ascendant. Imagine how irritating it would be if even more of your personality were based on something akin to verbal diarrhea? That said, you'll probably enjoy having a man who can actually have a conversation that lasts longer than 3 grunts, so he gets points for that. And he can actually be pretty witty since he's got the gift of gab and communication -- but this also makes him talented when it comes to inventing excuses and other things other males have trouble doing. In other words, Gemini can actually lie better, and therefore get away with it more often, than most other signs.

Mr. Schizophrenia

The Gemini male can go from being the good guy to the bad guy pretty quickly. Don't worry, he's not quite as psychotic as the Gemini female can be, but he still ranks. He does tend to have a nonstop stream of energy and gets bored very easily, which can make it seem like he loves you one minute and has grown tired of you the next. He'll read poetry under your balcony one night and the next be off on a date with some new chick he met at the gym -- and then be back on your doorstep two days later as though he'd never left. This is because he can't make up his mind but don't hold that against him -- he's got a true Jekyll and Hyde personality and doesn't seem to be aware of how contradictory he actually is most of the time. Not that this will necessarily keep your warm at night!

The Social Butterfly

Gemini guy is the life of the party. People love to chat him up because he can talk about almost anything and sound like he knows what he's on about even if he's not. He's genuinely friendly and loves to be the go-to guy for everything. He loves to flutter about from person to person so that his wit and charm can be admired properly. He's got lots of energy and he can be passionate at times but generally speaking he's more interested in fun than anything requiring a long attention span.

The Basics:

  • How to flirt with a Gemini man: Be witty and clever
  • How to tick a Gemini man off: Make him think you don't trust him

  • How to scare a Gemini man off: Try to domesticate him

  • How to get a Gemini man back: Reinvent yourself, feign a total lack of interest in him and actively pursue other men he admires -- not because he's the jealous type (he isn't) but he will be keen to see what you're like now that you've reinvented yourself.


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