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Day of Wedding Tips!

Updated on April 14, 2015

You've worked and planned and dreamed for months and months (and maybe even years) and finally the big day has come....your wedding day! Make sure you make the most of it and enjoy every minute.

My top wedding day tips:

1) Get plenty of sleep the night before (7 - 9 hours). With all of the excitement this can be really hard, but try as best you can, you won't regret it! (And yes, this technically has to be started the night before, not the day of, the wedding but it's an important one that carries over to your big day so I didn't want to leave it out.) If your rehearsal dinner is the night before try not to drink too much alcohol, not only will it make you bloated the next day but it will mean you won't sleep as well. If your out of town friends and family are going out they will understand if you don't join them, trust me. Sleep is important for a number of reasons. One, you will enjoy your day more if you have the energy of being well rested. You don't want to wake up the morning of your wedding feeling groggy and lethargic or even worse agitate or moody (all of which is more likely without sufficient sleep. Getting a good night of sleep reduces stress hormones in your body, something you definitely don't need on your wedding day. Two, you will look better. Lack of sleep will increase your appetite and cause you to crave fat and carbohydrates, two things you don't want to overdo on your wedding day. It may also give you circle or bags under your eyes, and your skin can lack luster. Sleep 7 - 9 hours the night before your wedding and you'll be ready to go when the day starts!

2) Get some exercise! This can be a long run, a yoga video, or a nice walk - stick with something your body's used to and that you enjoy. Obviously you don't want to start your wedding day with more strenuous exercise than you're used to and get excessively worn out or sore. The morning of my wedding I took a nice long walk/jog with my dog. It let me burn off some nervous energy but also gave me a half hour to relax by myself with my thoughts on a day that I knew would be filled with other people. It gave me time to reflect on how excited I was to be spending the rest of my life with my (soon-to-be) husband! Exercise causes your body to release endorphins (and other hormones) that reduce anxiety and make you happier, a good way to start any day but especially your wedding day.

3) Eat a good breakfast. There's a good chance that in the months leading up to your weddings you've been following some sort of diet/weight loss plan. Most brides do, and I know I did! On your wedding day itself though, you're at the weight you're at - one day isn't going to change your weight, and at this point the final alterations on your dress are done anyway so you wouldn't want to loose/gain any more weight even if you could! So don't worry about calories and make sure to eat something that will fill you up and give you long-lasting energy. And choose something that's easy on the stomach as well - you don't want to feel queasy or bloated! Focus on whole grains, protein and fiber (but not too much fiber as it will cause you to bloat!). I had a bowl of oatmeal with raisins first thing in the morning when I got up on my wedding day. And then after walking my dog and getting ready I had a whole wheat english muffin with almond butter before heading out the door for my hair and makeup appointments. Other good choices: eggs, whole wheat toast, yogurt, almonds or fresh fruit.

4) Pack an emergency kit if you haven't already. I actually packed mine the night before and just grabbed it in the morning before I left my house, but either way is fine. Include any backup makeup you may need for touch ups (powder, lip gloss, etc.). Bring a sewing kit in case you or anyone in the wedding party snags their attire, and make sure it contains safety pins (they have unlimited emergency uses!). Bring an extra pair of hose/stockings if you're wearing them, and clear nail polish in case of runs. You also may want to include some or all of the following: painkillers (Advil, aspirin, etc.), throat lozenges, breath mints, band-aids, tampons, Kleenex.

5) Pack some snacks. Assuming your wedding starts later in the day (mine didn't start until 4pm) breakfast won't hold you over all day. Like with breakfast focus on protein and whole grains, and if you/anyone else will be snacking while getting ready don't pick anything messy! On my wedding day we brought granola bars, cheese, crackers and grapes for myself, my groom and our wedding party to snack on. We shopped at Costco a few days before the wedding, bought in bulk and then just divided everything in 2 bags - one for the guys, one for the girls. Bringing enough snacks for the whole wedding party is a good idea as not only do you not want a famished bride but you want your attendants to be full of energy and ready to go too! Especially if they're in from out of town they might not think to bring their own snacks for the wedding day.

6) Pick someone you trust to be in charge of the schedule. I will admit, I'm one of those people who likes to make the plans and likes to be in charge. Many brides are like that, but on your wedding day don't let the person who's in charge of making sure everything stays on schedule be you! If you're detail oriented like I am, go ahead and make a schedule a few days ahead of time. I made separate ones for each member of the wedding party highlighting the parts that pertained to them. I emailed everyone their schedule ahead of time and then printed copies as well. On your wedding day though assign someone you trust (in my case, my mom) to worry about this for you. You've made the schedule, let someone else handle the stress of making sure everyone sticks to it. Discuss it with that person ahead of time, and then just relax and remember that even if you're late people will wait - you're the bride! My mom was in charge of keeping everything on schedule up until the ceremony started, but after that I wanted her to enjoy herself too so I shifted the job which I also recommend. I was lucky enough that my synagogue provided a coordinator for my ceremony so she was the one who kept everything on schedule for the ceremony. My mom took back over making sure everyone in the wedding party made it from the ceremony to reception venue and to pictures. And then at the reception I had a day of coordinator provided by my reception venue as part of my package who was amazing at keeping everything running smoothly. If you don't it's not a bad idea to look at hiring a day of coordinator as they do a lot to help, though as mine was part of my package I don't know what kind of price you would expect to pay. Your DJ can also help - mine helped keep everything on schedule by knowing when to announce each portion of the evening. Mine volunteered to do this ahead of time, if yours doesn't mention doing that, ask, DJs often serve as the emcee for the entire evening.

7) And most important of all, you've spent months planning, now your wedding day is finally here. You only have one wedding day, and one day to be the bride - relax, don't let the small things stress you out, and ENJOY it!

What are you most glad you made time for the morning of your wedding?

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    • ShepherdLover profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Portland, OR

      Thank you!

    • OregonWino profile image


      5 years ago

      This is great! Awesome job!


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