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Effective Japanese Dating Tips

Updated on March 17, 2010

Some Tips on Dating Japanese Girls

 There are different dating tips that help with every culture.  Whether you’re a Japanese person looking to get into a relationship or someone trying to date a Japanese person, there are some effective Japanese dating tips that could help.  Contrary to what a lot of people seem to believe, different cultures act differently and want to be treated differently in relationships.  If you’re a man who’s trying to find a Japanese woman to date, it’s important to treat her right and there are a few Japanese dating tips that will be helpful to you here.

 Above all else it’s important to treat Japanese women with respect.  They don’t like obscenities or being treated like one of the boys so make sure that you consider that and take her out to nice dinners and take it slow.  They’re mysterious and when they’re in a long-term relationship are extremely committed and loyal.  Men should never embarrass or be rude to Japanese women if they want to impress them.

 A lot of men try to use sarcastic humor to break the ice but this can come off as rude and isn’t what you want to do if you’re trying to date a Japanese woman.  A lot of men are so overtaken by the beauty of Japanese women that they continuously tell them how beautiful they are.  While this is fine, it’s important to let her know that you love her for her and you’re interested in all of her and not just the way that she looks.  A lot of men have a fixation on Japanese women because they’re so petit and gorgeous but you want to love their personality too.

 If it gets to be serious and you want to marry a Japanese woman, things should be much different for the wedding ceremony than if you were having a regular Westernized ceremony.  In the Western world people tend to take wedding ceremonies quite casually, while the Japanese consider it to be of huge importance and plan it down to every last detail.  You don’t want to have a small, simple wedding because this is not respectable to the culture.  The Japanese are one of the few cultures that are still so reliant on their culture and take it so seriously, and so just as ages ago the wedding ceremonies of the Japanese remain the same.

 While these Japanese dating tips are usually very effective, every Japanese woman is different.  It’s important to find one with a personality that you mesh well with.  With these tips any man stands a shot of snagging one of these lovely ladies.  Just remember to be yourself and as long as you’re respectful and kind you can find the woman of your dreams.


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    • profile image

      loveinjapan 3 years ago

      I totally agree, japanese women don't like the guy who talk too much not giving the girl any chance to respond or feel like she’s part of a conversation. Also, moving too quickly is not a good idea as society in Japan is still very much patriarchal—and as a result, moving a bit slower compared to western women may be necessary as a general rule of thumb.