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Ending a relationship with a negative person

Updated on May 7, 2015

~ Life does not have to "suck"~


This purpose of this Hub is for me to bring words of inspiration to your heart and soul.

"This sucks!"

"I hate this place."

"My life is terrible."

"I hate my job and my boss is a jerk."

"She is such an idiot."

'What a moron that guy is."

"It is too hot outside."

"It is too cold outside."

"I hate the weather today."

Can your friends with negative attitudes affect your mood?

Short answer: Absolutely!

If you have been friends with someone for ages, what does one do if their friend is constantly negative about life? Negative about what meals they eat, negative about their job, negative and critical towards their friends and family, and critical of themselves. If you are a dear friend, you stand by your friends, right? On the other hand, if this friend is relentlessly being pessimistic and judgmental, you may need to reconsider your friendship.

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Experiencing negative events

A person’s friends, family, co-workers and community do affect your mood, health, habits, and influence how you act and possibly behave. We have all had hard times and have experienced negative events, and feel resentful or possess negative energy within us ~ but a constant force of pessimism from someone you are close with ~ could be damaging to your outlook on life. Before you know it, you are having a bad day.

Walk away

It is hard to “dump” a friend, but if your friend is truly lethal to your well being, you may need to consider dissolving the friendship. Choosing your friends and associates wisely has a profound effect on your mood, behavior, attitude, and well being. You are able to choose your friends, but not your relatives and co-workers. You may be able to dissolve a friendship, but since you may not be able to choose your family and people you work with, here are some tips on how to deal with them.

Tips for dealing with negative people (in person or on the phone)

When someone is spewing negativity off at the mouth, excuse yourself and simply walk away. At work, you can politely say “Excuse me I need to use the restroom" if you cannot be honest with your co-worker. After all, you have to work with this person everyday and do not want to cause a small battle.

If you are on the phone, interrupt and say you have to go. If you want to be brutally honest, you can say “I really cannot listen to this right now. I cannot handle your negativity and this conversation at the moment. I want to have a good day.”

Hopefully, they will understand and not take offense.

Be positive!

It is possible to positively influence your negative friend, family member, or co-worker by simply turning the conversation into a positive one. If they are complaining about the food they ate at breakfast, just remind them that they are (1) lucky to have food on the table, (2) not in line at a food bank, and (3) not suffering from starvation.

Things you can do instead of listening to negativity:

  1. Smile.
  2. Laugh.
  3. Listen to relaxing music.
  4. Give your dog a tummy rub.
  5. Foster healthy relationships.
  6. Reflect on your accomplishments.
  7. Take a class and learn something new.
  8. Celebrate lifestyle improvements with others.
  9. Think of all of the wonderful people in your life.
  10. Look for positive influences in your social networks.
  11. Walk away from the negative person and take a relaxing walk, even a short one.

Have you ever ended a friendship due to a friend’s attitude, negativity, or because they were toxic to your health?

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My decision

I decided to end a friendship with someone who was very dear to me because I did not want them to ruin my day and my positive outlook on life.

If you choose to listen to a person’s complaints and critical words, then you are likely to remember to conversation later and store it in your brain. The harsh words will now be “in your head”, instead of upbeat thoughts. Do you really need your head to be cluttered with their garbage?

Alternatively, leave them behind and continue on your positive journey of healing.

Life can be good and does not have to suck.


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