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Evil Ex-Friends

Updated on April 26, 2009

Alright so here's a story for everyone... in 2006 I was working at the local wendys and i was 18 back then, dating this guy i had met there (lets call him steve). So Steve and i had been dating for a bit and i called him one day and told him that my mom had been yelling at me all night and we'd been fighting for weeks because i had just graduated high school and she said that i owed her about $300.. Steve told me that he had alot of extra money and he wastes it on video games and he'd rather give me money because he didnt like to see me hurting... they next day at work he put $400 in cash in my purse while i was working and when i got off work i opened my purse to get my keys and i saw the wad of cash..i went and grabbed him and asked what was he thinking like he cant just give someone that much money... but i knew i needed it so i asked him if there was anyway i could pay him back over time and he said that he loved me and that it wasn't a loan he knew i needed the money more than he did and he would never let me pay him back.. so i took the money put it in the bank and wrote my mom a check for whatever i owed her and used the rest of it to pay another bill...i thanked him over and over because it really helped me so much...don't get me wrong i was working really hard at that job.. i wasn't just working whenever i felt like i was working 5-6 days a week and no i dont know why i was having trouble except that minimum wage was 6.75 so i made 500-650 a month...

Well Steve and I never worked out he ended up being possesive and he told me where i was allowed to go, who i could talk to, how i should behave like i wasn't allowed to be sad ever, i had to sleep at least 8 hours every night, i could never lie, i had to answer his calls.... so i broke up with him and one of my very best friends was there for me... but after a couple months she started to see him differently and she ended up falling for him so they dated and now they are irronically living with parents 2000 miles away in virginia... and me and my friend (lets call her Stephanie) are no longer friends... we both said things that have been bottled up for years and because of how our fiances are we have both changed for the better and for the worst.... and we have nothing in common and we both want different things out of life so we cut the cord and we havent spoken in months....

alright... FAST FORWARD THREE YEARS*******

April 26, 2009: i go on myspace and like everyone else i sign it look if i have anything like a message, comment whatever and i have a message so i click on it and its from my ex-boyfriend Steve.

"hey you remember that 400 dollars I let you borrow well I need it payed back to me please. you dont have to pay it all at once but I do need it back. "

PLEASE comment and tell me what you think i should say... here's some points of my side... which is strickly my point of view

* I asked him if he wanted me to pay him back and he said no i wasnt allowed to.. but now that he's living with "stephanie" and i highly doubt either one of them have a job because well i know them and they dont look for a job before they move across the country....

* I dont have that kind of money.. or any money i'm getting married in october and my fiance and i are living together and both working to pay our bills right now.. every dollar goes to bills, groceries, and school expenses....

* i have a slight feeling like my friend stephanie asked Steve to tell me to pay them back. She was well, that kind of person who says "aww don't pay me back really i wanted to help" or "you always pay too we're even" but the second you dont help her out she remembers every penny that was given to you... and expects it back...


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    • theguru-reports profile image

      theguru-reports 8 years ago from Montana

      Steve who? What money? Draw a blank and forget it. Move on.

    • Betty Reid profile image

      Betty Reid 8 years ago from Texas

      I would probably not respond. It wasn't a loan, he hasn't kept in touch as a friend, and he's on the other side of the country. If you must respond for some reason, say "It was my understanding it was a gift". If he asks again, then don't respond.

    • rachaelc profile image

      rachaelc 8 years ago from Austin

      I would erase the message without responding. Asking for money you gifted a girlfriend three years before over myspace is ridiculous.