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Can You Hear the Words?

Updated on September 8, 2012

Communicating is Key

Everyone wants to have a successful marriage but when it comes to working through tough times they would rather end everything and just bailout of the marriage. If you spouse is physically or emotionally abusive to you then you must get out of that situation and get out fast. In other situations when safety is not an issue but the two of you just can not seem to see eye to eye, and arguments start from the smallest issues then you two may need take a few steps back and actually listen to one another.

Communication is not about what you say; it's about how you say it. Speak to your spouse without tone, attitude, or finger pointing just talk to them with respect and tell them how you feel from your heart. Allow one another to get your feelings out fully without interruption or sarcasm. When I say listen I mean sit calmly and listen to what your spouse has to say, wait until they have finished pouring out their feelings before responding to what was said remembering to speak without tone, attitude, sarcasm or finger pointing.

If you both take the time to stop, look, and, listen things could turn around for your marriage if you just remember to:

Stop talking at one another and try talking to one another.

Look your spouse in the eyes when communicating.

Listen with your ears and your heart.



One Day I Will Walk Away

It will be too late when he notice I am gone

He will sit there wondering what the hell went wrong

Where did she go? Have you seen her today?

You must have really been busy, when she left you yesterday.

She called you and called you but got no reply

So she moved on with a final sigh

She took one last looked at the possessions left behind

And reminded herself it was either that or peace of mind.


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