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Feminism. How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

Updated on September 11, 2016

This article will be a little different from most of my other Hubs. This article is speculative and so I welcome scepticism. Lets just say whilst I don’t claim any of this to be known fact, I do have my suspicions. Anyway, for a while now I have had a couple of questions that have kept resurfacing in my mind. Who stands to benefit from the societal fallout that the feminist movement is generating? Is feminism a front for other interests?

When I zoom out and look at things in their entirety in our massive socio-economic system, there certainly seems to be more going on than meets the eye. From my perspective, it appears that the powers that be wish to destroy the family and set the sexes against each other to further extend their control over society and financially benefit from the resulting carnage. Now I don’t really believe in conspiracy theories, but I am sure I am not alone in having little or no trust left for our politicians, governments and corporations.

A number of state and corporate organisations stand to financially benefit from the social problems, gender warfare and family break-up that feminism helps perpetuate and also gain further power and control in society. When you consider the direct financial support that is provided to feminism from these bodies, as well as the almost automatic approval, support and promotion of the feminist narrative and agenda by the government, corporations and the corporate media at every turn (here is an example), such a possibility is not really that far-fetched. I am not saying such a situation is a certainty, but it is a possibility that should not be summarily dismissed out of hand. Not with the billions of dollars in the family law, divorce and domestic violence industries et cetera, all benefiting either directly or indirectly from the negative impact of feminism on society, families and relationships. Feminism in some respects is itself a business.

They say money corrupts and feminist lobby groups, organisations and the movement itself and their direct and indirect association with these money making enterprises, are no exception to the rule. There are no checks and balances holding feminism accountable for it's own actions and rhetoric, or proper oversight of the conduct of the state and corporate apparatus that feeds off the social problems feminism helps produce. If you try to follow the money and call them out, you are a branded a misogynist and shamed into silence. When movements, ideologies and institutions are held above reproach and abuse the authority they are given, tyranny and oppression will follow.

Feminism, Families And The Daddy State

The Financial Enterprise Of Divorce And Family Court

Divorce Corp Documentary Trailer

Seizure Documentary On The Corruption Of Family Court

Think about the amount of money divorce and family break-up generates for law firms, the real estate industry and the banks. Think about the financial bonanza that divorce and family break-up represents for governments. Then consider the fact that money at the end of the day, has the same value regardless of how it is derived. Good and evil are not separated on a balance sheet. The reality is that the financial incentive to set men and women against each other and destroy the family is pretty dam high. Consider for a moment as well, that breaking up the family allows external forces such as the state and corporate interests to more effectively exert their psychological control over children and future generations. Setting men and women against each other, also has the added benefit of distracting society from who is really pulling the strings. Think for a moment about how beneficial it is to have a band of indoctrinated gender ideologues in the feminist movement to hide behind, each time you manipulate the laws, pass discriminatory public policy and promote biased and distorted public messaging. Misdirection is the key and the machiavellian sociopaths behind feminism exploit it to the hilt. To the gender ideologues in the feminist movement I say this, "Wake up! You are all being played".

Even when I look at the boy crisis in education and the over medication of healthy boys as young as 6 years old into docile robots, I suspect there is an underlying agenda. Which segment of the population is most likely to challenge authority? I would argue men. So dumbing down the male half of the population in particular, makes a lot of sense if you want a compliant and obedient society to fleece wealth from without a whimper of resistance.

Keeping men uneducated, also has the added affect of keeping more people single and unmarried thanks to the reality of female hypergamy. People are easier to control when they don’t have a family or a significant other to care about. Keeping people separated and disconnected from each other, is a simple divide and conquer strategy. With so many men becoming uneducated, when women do become mothers, many now become single mothers. Living off the "daddy state", government welfare and support services, becomes a more attractive track to take than having an uneducated, unemployed or low earning father in the home. Look at the epidemic of single motherhood, particularly that associated with our rapidly growing male poor and homeless and tell me I am wrong. All of this allows big government and associated financial enterprises to keep growing.

Why Women Are Unhappier

When I look at women, I see a group of people that report they are actually less happy than what they were 30-40 years ago. This is despite being “liberated” by a movement that supposedly stood up for their rights and interests. To an extent women have been the target of mass indoctrination. They have been conned into believing that mindless consumption to keep up appearances and working like a dog at work to pay for those expenses, makes you happy and successful and being a mother makes you a failure. I can’t help but feel like all of this “empowerment”, "male privilege" and “girl power” talk, is simply a means to fool women into getting onto the treadmill to consume for the corporations and become compliant wage slaves. Look at the spending from women in our economies and tell me the mass marketing targeted at them is not mass manipulation of base psychological drives in the female brain. The constant need to enhance physical beauty, conform to some ideal body image, buy the latest brands, keep up with the latest fashion trends and buy the best of everything to boast your social status to the world, is all a result of the psychological manipulation of modern marketing. I agree with Peter Joesph, this society is indeed suffering from consumption vanity disorder. The idea is to attach materialism to peoples self-worth and self-image.

How To Manipulate A Society 101

Imagine two instruments for a moment. One is a violin and the other is a piano. Each instrument can be played to produce particular sounds. Just as the keys on a piano and the strings on a violin can be stroked to produce particular notes, so can the neurobiology of the male and female brain to produce particular behaviours. I don’t think people realise how much money and research by governments and corporations, has gone into understanding human psychology and how to manipulate human behaviour. Advertising and marketing is just the tip of the iceberg. Have a look at MK Ultra and who funded the infamous Stanford prison experiment, if you question the enthusiasm of governments and corporations in learning how to control human psychology and behaviour. Think about the amount of digital information that is being gathered on us right now by corporations and the state and how easy it would be to develop a psychological profile of each and every one of us. Think about how useful such information would be for certain entities.

The powers that be know what buttons to press in men and women and they have refined their methods over at least 60 years of research. Like marionettes on strings, the male and female masses will respond accordingly to their script of the damsel in distress with gender issues and the corresponding white knight phenomenon in men. All they have to do is use feminist propaganda to press on the psychological button of female vulnerability in women and stimulate men's protective instincts. Human neurobiology will do the rest, regardless as to whether the corresponding threat, problem or issue is real or fabricated. Male vulnerability is psychologically downplayed and men's issues become invisible.

This is how gender issues are used to weaken men, women and families, gain power over the population, strengthen control and generate money at our expense. This is how big government and the "daddy state" perpetuate their own existence and how some corporate interests make a profit. Like false allegations of weapons of mass destruction, playing on peoples fears and vulnerabilities is the key to manipulating a population to support what you want. The idea seems to be to portray men as a threat, so that they can be marginalised in society without protest and then be unable to challenge abuse of authority and to play on women's fears and create a dependency on big government to control the female population. With the family broken down, children can be indoctrinated by the state and corporate interests from an early age. This is a simple divide and conquer strategy to gain more power and control at our expense.

So when I look at someone like Hanna Rosin talking about “The End of Men”, I can’t help but think “who is behind her”, “who is funding her” and “to what end”. It is like the powers that be want men and women to fight over who can be the better wage slave for state and corporate interests. They want us to participate in a rat race in other words. When I look at the man-bashing in the mainstream media, I can’t help but see the parallels with psychological warfare. Prof. Paul Nathanson and Prof. Katherine Young have examined the prevalent trend of man-bashing in the mainstream media and popular culture extensively in their book, "Spreading Misandry". From my perspective, the man-bashing propaganda appears to be cyclical over each year, targeted at specific issues, well coordinated in terms of timing and across major media outlets around the globe and it looks as if it has been introduced into the culture in stages or waves over the decades. It is almost as if the population is being prepped and conditioned for some agenda. With many issues we see a pattern. Diocletian’s problem-reaction-solution sums it up brilliantly. They want us to react a certain way, so that society will go along with the changes they want to make to the family and the lives and relationships of men and women. Men are portrayed as the problem and often a violent inferior class, people react accordingly and the "daddy state" is presented as the solution. Diabolical does not even come close to describing this form of mass manipulation. This is why I no longer read, watch or listen to the mainstream media and I urge other men and women to boycott them as well. My brain is not open for them to rent.

Feminism Was Created To Destablise Society

Feminism, Psychological Warfare And The Clandestine Services

The Bottom Of The Rabbit Hole

So at this point I put forward for your consideration, the possibility that feminism and associated elements of the state, big business and the corporate media, are a front for mass social engineering of the population on behalf of state and corporate interests. Their intended outcome being to produce a more controllable, docile and economically exploitable society and to financially profit from the social problems between men and women and in families that they help generate. I have no idea if any of this is true and up until recently I have regarded it as nothing more than a wild idea on my part. However it appears I am not alone in having these suspicions. Other men and women seem to have connected the dots in a similar fashion and have something to substantiate their claims.

I have added two fascinating videos adjacent to this section. One of them discusses the links between feminism and a certain foundation starting with R (for a link to the rest of the related documentary click here). The other video discusses the connection between feminism and a certain intelligence agency starting with C and a campaign of psychological warfare on women, men and the family. Make of them what you will. Apparently the idea is to destabilise society, divide it against itself and make us all the more controllable under the kleptocracy of our time.

Final Thoughts

Frankly given the level of corruption, lies, sociopathy and exploitation by the state and corporate interests, nothing surprises me anymore. The TV show House Of Cards, is closer to the truth than most people realise. Republican or Democrat, Labor or Liberal, Right or Left, it does not matter. The whole system is rotten to the core and I am glad to see that the men’s human rights movement is extremely wary of getting involved with the government. The reality is that the love of money is the root of all evil and not men. This is in contrast to what radical feminists would have us all believe about men, or what the Nazis thought of the Jews. In the words of the late Michael Ruppert, "until you change how money works you change nothing". That is worth remembering when we consider any form of human rights advocacy, including men's rights. Even Martin Luther King understood this reality and it's role in inequality and discrimination. Ask yourself this question, how many men's rights issues and human rights issues in general, have money at least as part of the problem? I would say a lot.

Like I said, I don’t know if any of what is in this article is true and I am not a conspiracy theorist. What I do know is that regardless as to whether or not it is true, men and women should think for themselves when it comes to gender issues and not let ideological dogma do their thinking for them. Otherwise you really do open yourself up to manipulation and control by others.

I will leave people to ponder this thought.

Which one are you? A wolf, a sheep or a sheppard?

There are way too many sheeple and wolves in our society.

We need more sheppards and we need them now.

This Is The World I Know....But It Does Not Have To Be


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  • MasculistFeminist profile imageAUTHOR


    3 years ago from Australia

    Yup-This is a simple divide and conquer strategy. Only when it is too late will feminists realise what they have done and then they will be targeted by the very social, legal, political and cultural hegemony they helped bring into power.

  • profile image


    3 years ago

    My thoughts exactly.


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