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The Business Of Feminism

Updated on May 21, 2014

It has been said many times that money makes the world go round. I put forward to you the reader, that feminism is a business. It is concerned with only one thing, preservation and expansion of its own existence. Ultimately people need jobs to live and pay the bills. People that work for organisations involved in feminism, such as feminist bodies, women's support groups, government departments and agencies for women and bodies set up to implement women's programs, or depend on them financially, are no different. They need a salary and that salary has to come from some form of revenue. Feminism is in the industry of selling ideas. Their customers are Western governments from which they derive substantial amounts of funding. Taxpayers whether they like it or not, are at least partially paying for the salaries of feminists and their programs within and outside government. Don’t get me wrong, I have got no problem with my tax money going to worthy causes that don’t demean or harm half the population or any other group for that matter. However I do have a problem with my tax money going to interest groups that actively engage in indirect and sometimes overt discrimination against me because I am male, inhibit the advocacy of my rights as a man, spread half truths and whose quest is to gain more and more power.

The financial motivations behind feminism are one of the key reasons why feminists will viscerally react to any advocacy of men’s rights. They see it as a direct threat to their funding, salaries, programs and jobs. Even at the tiny level of student societies at university, this holds true. If they acknowledge that men have problems in society and do face discrimination, then they acknowledge a need to advocate for men’s rights. Suddenly they have competition for government funds and public support. Aside from that reality, there is the very real motive within feminism to acquire more and more power. More funding means more jobs, more programs, higher salaries and greater influence. It is called empire building and ideological bureaucrats love it. Exaggerating and promoting female vulnerability and victimhood, makes it all the more easy to acquire public money and support. Whether there is legitimacy behind the message they are selling is irrelevant. As long as the dollars keep flowing in and the political influence keeps on growing, all is good. As for the truth gap between reality and la la land, with enough repetition and imagination they can delude themselves into anything. Some have that little empathy for men or the rest of society, that they don't even need to delude themselves.

Do I hate women? Absolutely not! Do I think women have problems? Yes. Do I think society needs organisations to advocate for women’s rights? Yes. Do I think modern feminism is the solution? No. Ignoring or distorting facts and making up your own, does not help anyone in the long run. When some feminist is in their office looking at their mortgage, then unfortunately job security and their salary can trump the public interest. Feminism is a bureaucracy full of people that want to see that bureaucracy expand. Inflating the wage gap and downplaying the duality of domestic violence, has a profit motive behind it. In finance, that is called moral hazard. Spinning and distorting facts to justify more government funding to pay for feminists job security and salaries etc, is a result of lack of accountability and lack of oversight. Kind of like the American banks and the GFC….mmmm…

Feminism is a law unto itself. It is not held to account by anyone. The media does not dare criticise the reports, statistics, activities or agenda of feminist organisations. If they do then they are branded misogynist and the reporters disciplined and counselled. I have actually seen this play out in the scientific community. A community that prides itself on being objective and acting with integrity. The same applies for politicians and companies. Ultimately whether the entity is a corporation or an elected official, as things are, they stand to lose if they don’t toe the feminist line. That is the signature of a totalitarian ideology and feminist ideology does have a record of attempting to silence differing opinions.

When feminist lobby groups can call out the female senators in state or federal parliament or congress and pull the strings on their vote on new divorce laws, they control the government. Oh and yes that did actually happen. Heck, feminist groups even altered Obama's decision on allocating economic stimulus to deal with the mancession in male industries after the GFC. At the very highest levels, feminism is run by people out to protect their jobs and income, to promote their hatred of men, or the sole interests of one gender at all costs. They spin up enough controversy to stir the emotions of the masses they have indoctrinated in feminist pseudo theory and the ideological drones do the rest of the work for them. Make no mistake, at the top of feminism, moderate everyday women do not run the show. If they did, I would not be sitting here at a computer writing articles and sticking up for my rights as a man.

Do I think absolutely all feminists are mindless ideologues? No, but sadly many of them are and don’t even know it. Worse still, they don’t even know how they are being used and manipulated. If I question them about radical feminism they ignore it, downplay it or worse agree with them. That is something I will not stand for and neither will the public. Nor will I tolerate the misuse of facts, or the promotion of studies that fabricate or skew statistics.

For discussion on the corporate and state interests behind feminism, please read this jaw dropping article.


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