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Find Out Why He/She Would Lie To You

Updated on February 9, 2015

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Everyone Lies

In today's subject I'll be talking about why would couples or friends might lie to you, according to the things that I've lived and experienced and also the things that I could definitely take out some clear conclusions off.

People in general might lie for several reasons and having them lie to you would not necessarily be out of a bad intention coming out from them against you. No, sometimes it can have other nice reasons where they would be only lying so they won't hurt you.

I know ,however, that being annoyed with the truth is better than being comforted with a lie but things can differ according to specific situations and reasons, so now let's start mentioning some of the reasons!

1-He/She don't want to hurt you:

A lot of people might have done a thing that they've regretted about and they feel there's no need to let you know about what has happened so they avoid letting you know especially if they know you as the person who never forgives or is hard to forgive.

The good intention here would be that they would actually care about not hurting you or losing you and I don't think that's a bad thing, well, unless the thing they've lied about itself is something that is related to great serious issues related to or with you.

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2- They fear they might not get forgiven:

If they ever fear not getting forgiven then it means they don't want to lose you and that's why they might avoid telling you the truth because they might simply worry about how you would react.

My advice is: Let them always know that you'll be able to forgive them by showing and proving that to them.

Forgiving is good even if you attend to never speak or meet the people again, at least show them something good to be reserved as a memory from you and so it can stay in their minds forever to remember and to learn from you.

3- He/She might have done something really bad!

When it's really hard to admit something then it only means that the mistake is really bif and the idea of telling the truth alone would freak the liar out.

The lying string is very short though and everything shall be exposed sooner or later and their actions can give you signs that they might be lying to you.

In General

There are many other reasons of why people might lie to you,however, lying is lying and that's how many people consider it.

As for me, I do get annoyed when people lie to me in a way or another, especially when they lie about something that I already know about and inside I'd be just smiling and waiting to hear more of their endless lies.

Lying can never be the solution for a specific problem especially if it concerns you with the most close people in your circles.

If you really like to keep your relationships based upon love, appreciation and trust then you better not lie because you might never know how it would change or even destroy your life with time.

Life in general is like a circle, what goes around comes around and what you do to others gets back to you, if not today then tomorrow.

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Would YOU?

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