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5 Signs Tell You He's Very Interested In You

Updated on November 19, 2014 | Source

Is He?

We all know how women and girls love to get direct signs to show them that the men or guys in their heads are interested about them, there are many signs that can show that but I'll be mentioning only 5 major signs. Let's start!

1- He's thinking about you:

When he start getting unstoppable thoughts about you and about seeing himself next to you while daydreaming about it or just imagining or remembering what you guys have lived and experienced together and put all of these in his mind without forgetting about anything related about you.

2-He can't wait to see you:

When he can't wait to see you again it means he really is holding his breath till the moment he sees you again at, when you notice he places you in front of everything else in his life it means he really cares about you.

How would you know that he wouldn't be waiting till he sees you again? Well, I'm sure you would be able to notice this from the way he talks to you and how he behaves when he sees you again, how he calls you, texts, communicate and try to keep in touch with you no matter what! | Source

3-He's calling And texting you:

When you guys are away you know how he cares by thinking about asking about you whether by calling,texting or and contacting by whatever mean the internet has available.

You also get assured about his interest whenever you notice that he tries to make at least 5 minutes of his time for you and to talk to you even when he would be really busy!

4-You're the first one to come up to his mind:

Whenever something related to you and him comes out had when he thinks about telling you the first one or taking you to a specific show or plan or anything else related then it means he cares about you and he's ready to be always seeing you no matter what.

5-He gets jealous For you:

When you find out he's getting jealous for you then it means he's interested about it and instead of arguing with him about this I say you better get happy, this is a lovely sign! But of course, there are levels to jealousy. Getting too much jealous is just a sign of sickness and not true love or interest.

I hope you guys find these signs pretty good and close to what you're living and experiencing with the new guy in your mind!

Keep in mind that there are plenty of fish in the sea, if he's not the one then let it go from the beginning!

Make sure to check out the topic below talking about the 5 signs that tell you the opposite!

Let's Hear It!

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