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Finding That Perfect Match on Cupid Dating

Updated on February 8, 2016

Russian Bride Girl on Cupid

The Picture . Is it worth a thousand words?

While combing through the online service called," Cupid", on the Internet. I was curious as to if these women were real? It seems like women do not take themselves very serious in a lot of photos on Cupid, and I have noticed this on personal webpages. They make these geeky facial looks and a couple of serious ones. Men on the other hand want to look macho with thier favorite side and tattoos showing. Men must be more seriouis thant a women on these sites. What do women know that men don't on dating sites.

Well, I guess the answer lies in that probably most women do not take these sites as serious as men do. When a man puts out his profile he dominates the field in how good he is at certain things and put his best photos up that he thinks are sexy to women. There is no fooling around on these dating sites as far as men are concerned. They are really thinking they will find the right girl for them on here.

Having had experience on many dating sites online , I can express this much. That hardly anyone ever meets in person. Cupid is probably the best free dating online platform, and there are others. I like it because you can scan not only your city but surrounding cities as well for the right match. I have also found that many Russian women and South African women post in my local city .

The Russian and South African women I have talked to always make up a story of some sort. They are usually quite beautiful and project a image of poise and beauty. They are mostly scammers trying to get money to come to the USA.These women will post in the local site of Cupid and they will talk with you , however after being on these sites for a few years , it does not take long to figure out what thier goal is on the dating sites. The pictures are usually real, as I have used Skype and video chatted with a few. They are beautiful and always the last thing they will say to a man after a lengthy conversation is they need money for this or that.

This has gone on for years and surely most men are aware of this practice of the European women on Cupid and on Craigslist that these women are after a guy's pocketbook. They must be getting a few dollars or they would not still be on these dating sites.

Money-grams and Love?

The Russian Bride Scheme and Others

I have noticed many Russian women posting on Cupid. They are usuallly young and looking for men my age . They post,"Looking for 35-75 year old men". That is a dead giveaway that these women are looking to come to the USA and become your bride, or they are trying to make some money off men in the USA to help with an expense that usually follows a long story about a incident that thier families are in and how abused that the girl is. I dno not doubt that they need money, as Russia is torn and they have many beautiful , youthful looking girls. Baby girls that are under 30 years old looking for men that could be thier grandfathers in the USA. They do not seem to care what age a man is , just as long as they ( the Men ) are willing to go off the site and Skype or use email to chat back and forth. The picture of that cute little blond had me going for about 6 months. She wanted to come over to the USA, and she had a good story to tell, and I almost took the bait. She might of been telling the truth , but even so bring a girl from another country to the USA is very expensive.

You never know once you get her over to the USA , if she will divorce you and then she has citizenship and this might be all she wants. There are some girls from Russia and South Africa that want to have babies with you already , even before they have met the man online. What could be any dangerous than that for her and you.

There are so many scams on the Internet that it is hard to tell the truth from fiction in dating an online girl even locally.I have met girls that are a few hundred miles from me and when I got on chat with them. They say they will practically be my slave if I pay for a ticket for them to come to me and saty at my house in my room. Not even knowing who I really am and wanting to get out of the town they are in. I , usually say ok, I will buy you a bus ticket and all conversation is lost. They wanted the cash wired by moneygram. This way there is no trace and they just got paid for scamming me.This is a daily occurence, and it does not stop.

OK Cupid Experience

The Real Deal!

There are the local girls that are really seeking a man to be with. These women seem to resemble the type of girl in your town. They are not overly dressed and not looking for money. They are divorced and normal looking ladies just seeking love. Cupid , does have these women on the site and it is not too hard to find them. God madde us all different and you can tell the locals from the Russian or South African Princess in a heartbeat. Like they say, if its too good to be true them it probably is. This is how you weed out the locals from the scammers.

Most loacl women will make goofy looking pictures of themselves and then have a kid or grandma with them. They are relaxed and some are maybe too relaxed. The profiles are not completed on most local girls on Cupid, cause they want to create some mystique about themselves. I have chatted with a few of these girls and they are more conservative and hesitant in meeting a stranger in their own town. Some are on this website to just get noticed. They put on their glamour shots they got taken from the Mall and try to lure you in and then let go of you. It's a game for some of us.

So ican real love be found on sites like Cupid? Sure , but keep your expectations realistic and expect the girl to have flaws as we all do. Do not expect a 20-year-old to be looking for a 75 year old man, and if you do find this, the girl is usually after something the man has.Keep it simple and fun and maybe you will meet that girl that takes you away. This author has not met anyone in person in over eight years I have been on this dating site,"Cupid". That only means one thing, I got sick and tired of the lies and the ones that were local would not follow through with what they said.

I live in a small West Texas town, however, and there is not much in my age range that I am attracted to, so I usually end up with the scammers, that is not true , but there really is not much of a choice in the area I live in. So I would rather be alone for right now and not have to deal with another at this time. Good luck and hopefully this helps men and women know from a man's view on this site.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      First of all (free) sites are likely to contain a high volume of people who are just "testing" our online dating or they're realistically are not looking for a match who is say a doctor, lawyer, or successful business man.

      People of that caliber don't waste time joining (free sites). In essence you get what you pay for. And with (free) you're going to have to wade through a lot more profiles to find some possibilities.

      Generally speaking the (younger) women are the more likely they will want to present their personality in a humorous way. They're just looking to have fun and not ready to get married. Some women pose with their kids or pets!

      There's nothing wrong with that. In fact most guys aren't looking to get married either. If they were they'd be on eHarmony or even

      There are also many niche dating sites such as Christian Mingle along with other religious sites. There are sites geared towards ages 45 and up too.

      Odds are you'll find more (demure serious types) on those sites.

      The bottom line is you're only interested in finding someone you are attractive to and they want what you want in life at this time.

      Whether you're online or offline it takes time to find "the one".


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