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First Date New Begining

Updated on July 16, 2014

First Date

First date New begining
What To wear?
Try classy yet not trashy. Looking like a street girl gives bad vibes to who you really are on the inside. Leaves no room for imagination when your flashing it all at one time. Classy gives the vibe of i'm sexy but classy like a woman. Giving him thoughts to what is under the outfit. Mistory is the key to keeping him attracted to you physically. Showing a legs to above the knees. Cleveg just enough to say peek a boo. Wear a dress tight fitted to show off your curves but not your skin.
Make up & Hair?
Most woman of all skin colors look good in pinks and browns eye shadows and clear or light pink lip stick. Natural make up is the best look. Looking fake with lots of make up is a turn off to man. Men like to see your natural beauty in highten not covered up. Classy NOT trashy.
Your hair if it's long wear it down add some waves. Short hair add some flips.
Get your finger and toe nails done!!
How To Flirt?
While conversating lightly touch his hand, Laugh at his jokes. Play footsies under the table. If your sitting next to each other,sit extra close and lay your hand on his thigh. On the ride home hold his hand. At the door lean in to kiss him, as your kissing him gentaly run your fingers at the hair line above his neck line. Always thank your day for the lovely time you had together.
1 Have confidence
1 Have sex on the first's trashy.
2 Use bad manners
3 Curse
Using these tips will help you have a great date and look an feel your best!


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