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For Women: How To Make Him Propose For Marriage

Updated on February 6, 2015


Marriage is what every serious woman is looking for from her man and it's not really easy to make a certain man marry you especially if he's not ready to make such a move yet!

Of course, before attempting to try to make your man propose you should be sure and certain that he's the kind of man that would really want to get married and not just a young guy who still takes orders and money from his parents.

If you feel you have a chance to make him do this and if you're really sure about getting married with him then this article is probably made for you. | Source

Can I Just Depend On These Tricks And Methods?

Every woman imagines herself wearing that big and beautiful white gown and wishes for that to happen with the man that she deserves, yeah we all think about getting these moments to finally put them in the book of our beautiful past.

There are many tricks and methods that you can try in order to make your man propose to you. You have to take into consideration many other things that would also make him propose and not strictly get directions from this article and some of these things are: your smartness, how much your man could be attached and attracted to you, his fear of losing you and most importantly his love to you.

So don't just depend on these methods. | Source

1- Don't Give Up Yourself For Him

Don't give up yourself for him which means never give him more than flirting or kissing, make him die for the moment to get that passionate and sexy moment with you.

Many men prefer this type of women, even if he asks you to do with him more than flirting don't give up for him. Although some men would actually love you and appreciate that you're trusting him well enough to do more than these things with him but this is a very low percentage of men and remember that your man could probably and possibly not be one of these especially if you never felt he's serious about his relationship with you.

Instead you can just wait for it if it's worth waiting for the man who would deserve you the most to get the best of you and this man would surely as well appreciate this and find you also worth it when he finds that marriage is what would make him completely reach you.

But before he reaches you physically, make sure that he reaches and touches your soul first.

As a woman with experience

Do you find your man serious about his relationship with you?

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2- Make Him Miss You

Make him miss you, don't call him a lot and give him space even if you felt some strange activities coming out from him don't ask him about them. Most men love to have space and don't really get relaxed of having a woman who would stick with them wherever they go or whatever they do, instead make him always ask and call you to go out with him and never be the one who would ask to meet him, well of course in some times you just need to do that so you can show an interest back to your man but in most of the times make him the one to call you, ask you out and miss you. | Source

3- Be Mysterious

Make him the one interested about hearing and listening to your stories, be mysterious and original. Men love original women.

Disappear sometimes out of his sight and make him wonder where on earth you are and what you would be doing, make him wonder and just think about only you.

Keep On Moving | Source

4- Show Him You Have A Life Too

When your man sometimes tells you that his busy doing whatever he does then you too do that with him, go out with your friends, take care of whatever business you've got, have some time to take care of your beauty and just don't think about him too much.

When he sees that you too have a life and not acting like a crazy woman who would be only thinking about him, calling him, sending him messages and texts and posting on his social media profiles he would surely start wondering and having it more like a wish if you just text him more than once a day or so.

Of course, I'm not saying that you have to ignore him and if he sends you a text reply to him and show him that you care about him at the same time.

5- Never Ask Him About The Subject

Never ask him about this subject, most men love those women who are simply living their lives without expecting or waiting anything from anyone, so show him that this is not the main and major subject in your head and instead make him the one to think about taking his relationship with you for the next level, you can show him signs that you are serious about your relationship with him and you can indirectly make him think about this subject, I cannot tell you what exactly you have to do because this just depends on you and your man and the situation of your relationship with him in general.

Trust | Source

6- Make Him Trust You

Make him trust you and never make him notice any bad thing coming out of you, if he's serious about you and about his relationship with you he would surely love to trust in you so he can take his relationship with you to the last level.

Be honest and loyal with him in any matter, don't hide any serious matter that concerns you both from him and just act yourself, be obvious and clear in whatever you do.

7- Be Special

Be special,be the one who's he seeking for, show him care, loyalty, honesty, respect, love, give him space, ask about him between now and then, find out about his interests in life, understand him and always take care of yourself and your beauty, show him your natural beauty as well, most logical and reasonable men love natural women.


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    • RanaKm profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      No one could have said that better than you just did now, I totally agree and I wish some women realize the fact you just stated..

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      LOL! Yes I suppose we could add lots of "reasons" behind the words (He's not ready) but in the end none of those explanations changes that fact.

      "He's not ready."

      Oftentimes women use those "added explanations" to (justify) their reason for "hanging in there".

      If she IS ready and he is NOT ready then the toughest thing to do is to walk away. And yet if 3 or 5 more years roll by with no change in his "readiness" suddenly she makes him out to be the "bad guy".

      Oddly enough for some women the more time they have invested the more time they're willing to invest. They don't want to feel like they put in "all that time" for nothing. So they invest more time until they finally realize it's not going to happen.

      It's not unheard of for couples to breakup after several years of dating and the man marries the next girl he gets involved with a year later.

      We'll never know if this happens because he was "ready" of if he believes he has finally met "the one".

      In order for him to have been "the one" he would have to see you as being "the one". Waiting for someone to "get ready" is a choice or risk a woman makes to gamble her time away. Ideally when it comes to (major) things in life you want to be on the same page at the same time.

    • RanaKm profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      They do sound alike , I just added some more explanation and made it more clear because when you mentioned your 2 reasons you just explained them by that he would probably be loving his life the way it is or by you're just not the one, you didn't add more explanations of why a certain man would be not ready, other reasons can be like the ones I mentioned.

      Maybe he would be ready to take responsibilities but is just not ready to have a woman always by his side because the idea of getting married sometimes freaks the man out or because of the different issues and things that he will have to start dealing and getting used to, like sharing the same bed, same everything etc.. :D or maybe he could be loving his life the way it is and is not ready for commitment or he might be not ready because of his financial status or his family or other personal reason or or or :D so many reasons and probabilities :D

      Oh after all the reasons we've mentioned my head started to spin , I'm lacking some sleep!..

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      RanaKm , Your #3 & #4 sounds like my #1 and. (He's not ready)

      Needing more time and not being ready for the responsibilities =

      He's not ready to be married. :)

      Rarely if ever does a woman believe that she is "not the one".

    • RanaKm profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @dashingscorpio I agree, there might be other reasons too, which are:

      3- You might be the one but he might just be needing some more time to think about how deep his relationship is with you.

      4- He wants to get married but he would perhaps not be ready for the responsibilities that he'd have to take and hold after marriage..

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      All marriages will have their challenges but at the very least they start off with (both) people wanting get married. Gender differences also play a major role in our difference in timing. Most men did not spend their childhood dreaming of their wedding day, pushing a baby stroller around, nurturing baby dolls, or cooking with Easy-Bake Ovens and decorating Ken & Barbie's Playhouse.

      A woman in her 20s who wants to get married would be better off pursuing a man in his 30s who has established his career. Most guys in their 20s aren't in a hurry to become their parents! Signing a 30 year mortgage, getting married and having children is like watching their lives flash before their eyes!

      There are also women who have been in long-term relationships that have never remotely considered proposing to their man. At the very least they'd know where they stand as opposed to hoping and praying.

      If it's not worth asking for then it's not worth having.

      Lastly women should recognize that most men do get married. In fact a recent study revealed that by age 44 almost 85% of men have been married at least once! Of the 15% or so who had never married I imagine at least some of them are probably gay.

      Therefore there are two reasons why a man is not proposing.

      1. He's not ready to be married. (He loves his life the way it is).

      2. You are not "the one". (Odds are he'll get married but it won't be to you)


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