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How To Attract A Real Woman

Updated on December 5, 2014

A Real Woman? Who's She And How Can She Get Attracted?

First let's start by describing the real woman:

A real woman is someone who wouldn't hate on another because of jealousy or any other reason, instead she would give her honest opinion in such a nice way that it wouldn't be offensive but at the same time it could be negative.

A real woman knows how to select the right man for her and knows how to value the relationship and be truly loyal and honest about that with herself.

Any woman can give birth to a child but not any woman can love and keep her child and raise her child upon the basics of loving and waiting nothing in return, this is something that a real woman would do.

A real woman is someone who's independent and who wouldn't wait for anybody to finish a task or a duty for her, instead she would take all the trouble by herself knowing that only her can be able to do the task completely and by heart.

A real woman can always express her love no matter what, even if her love means a love from one side, she's not shy or afraid to express that at all.

A real woman is someone who's not shallow to think that giving a man everything would make the man hers, instead she believes that the true one would wait for her whenever she's ready to give, she'd know by this that she's someone who's worth waiting for and that the man is also someone who's worth it.

Of course, there are many other definitions to the real woman. I just mentioned few of them.

Now let's move on to how to attract this real woman:

First, a man must know what a specific woman loves and values but how can he know that? Well if he's interested enough in her then he'd absolutely take his time to find out about that, just listen carefully to her stories, watch her actions, know what she mostly love to do and don't be afraid to ask her.

Women love those who are not shy to come across them in a gentle way and ask them out for a classy lunch or dinner.

Real women love to have deep conversations and are ones who would not be easily convinced about your stories especially if most of what you talk about is shallow then afterwards she would lose her interest in you no matter how attractive you would be and how much her previous interest in you would have been.

Real Women are not deceived by the look, so if you're very attractive and sexy she wouldn't actually put that as a priority to her because she definitely knows that beauty doesn't last and even if it does last she would still not care about that, she also knows that looks will not make her happy as she would always love to see actions more than the outer and shallow beauty.

Real women will not judge you by your past mistakes or even present and future ones as long as she knows they teach you something and make you a better person so don't be afraid to tell her all of that, she would absolutely understand and appreciate your honesty with her and thus her interest in you would increase.

A real woman is someone who's absolutely not ready to waste time so try to make the time you spend with her as valuable as possible and by this I mean that you always have to be deep with her and reach to her soul, talk about the matters that mean to her, talk about your future plans with her, appreciate her , take care of her, be classy with her! Real women just love all that have to do with class.

In short, real women do as well appreciate your attempts to be with her because of their selective nature, they usually prefer the man who would give the most appropriate attempts to win her interest and her time! So don't give it up if it's not working with you at first it will work eventually.

Thanks for reading, I hope I benefited you with my knowledge.


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