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Friendship Categories, how many groups do you have?

Updated on May 29, 2014

My first friends

Cousins are the 1st friends of your life. When you grow up, they are still your friends. Cousins are there as childhood friends and when we are older as forever friends...No one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins.

I copied that from the Facebook Status of my cousin, Tina, that I called Ate Tina (Ate is how we address our older sister). True enough cousins are the the first friends of my life, I did not really feel I was an only child because I grew up with them. We belong to a simple family that really needed to work hard so that children can go to school and have foods regularly on the dining table. No one among our parents thought of going abroad to give us a more comfortable living, and I guess growing up with our parents and or parents decided to stay with us during trying times made us very affectionate when it comes to our family members.

I know not all cousins are as close as we are so I really consider myselft fortunate to find my best friends among my love ones. My friendship with them is eternal and no distance and time can change it.

Few of my dearest Cousins

Friends in my Neighborhood

My friends who were already my friends and playmates in my childhood years and remained my friends now that we are adults and not living in the same neighborhood anymore

Friendship among love ones

HighSchool Buddies

Highschool Buddies

My friends since my early teenage years and still my dependable, reliable friends until now. In the JACAMBREL Group (My Highschool bestfriends) only three of us are still here in the Philippines but the communication with those in other countries were already active even before this FACEBOOK Era, and we do get together whenever one went home to the Philippines for short vacation.

My highschool classmates though not members of the JACAMBREL, are still my goodfriends until now. I guess growing up together for four years is a kind of bond that won't easily break..

College gang

Unexpected Friends

My college friends are my Unexpected friends because they did not give a good impression the first time I met them, but first impression is not always right, and I am now counting my years of friendship with them. They are the best example of people having different tastes and opinions and yet they blended into my life.

Because of Facebook, we get together every month,my own college gang with our other classmates or batchmates. Funny that wayback in college I was not really in speaking terms with some of them, but the closeness was instant when we met again after twenty years.

Friends for all seasons

Friends after graduation

Friends after graduation are those friends I met in my first job. These are the people who appreciates me although at that time I have nothing to offer but my friendship (until now that's all I can afford) They are my friends when life is becoming more serious, problems are more knees shaking, and relationships more complicated.

These are the friends that made me realized about accepting friends regardless of their decisions and choices in life, they made me see clearly that understanding does not mean tolerating...

More than officemates

Friendship among officemates that you work with everyday

These are the officemates that you came to love and consider as your friends. These are the people I met when I was beyond my early years of working professionally, they are the new set of friends who are also no longer my officemates but remained my reliable friends. They are the friends who witnessed the worst in me, for they are the people I worked with during the darkest years of my life... but they remained my friends until now..

My Dog Group in all activities

Dog lovers Group

Sharing the same passion for dogs made it easier for us to get along easily. Frequent meet ups to join our dogs in dogwalks are the easiest ways to bond with them. Though I cannot consider yet that I have a profound friendship with them, having a group like them made me feel I belong to a group with a good cause, and that is Animal Welfare, specially for dogs.

I met friends too because of Peso, they were the ones who offered help when my dog was in critical situation, and I will be forever thankful to them for all the goodness that they granted my dogs

Fellow writers group

Aside from  seeing my dogs and stories in a Good Pet Magazine, gaining fellow writers as my friends is also giving me pride and joy,  most of them I have never met in person yet, but sharing the same passion both in writing and animals made it feels like I have known them all my life.

I love hubpages because reacting with fellow writers (good  writers) all over the world is a great experience.  And  I won't be surprised if I became friends with some of them..

Still on Friendship

Some say you may have plenty of friends but very few can be considered true... But do we really Think or label our friends as real friends or not? I believe friendship is not always a smooth sailing relationship, but conflict and misunderstanding can never be a basis of bad or false friendship. I too got mad and even swear will not get in touch with them anymore, but I believe when I consider someone as my friend, I do get mad but I don't get mad forever..

I have learned that in every serious conflict with a friend, one must give time to heal the wounds, and the fury to subside, then if one initiate for reconciliation, one must not deny it. I mean if you value the friendship, you can always let go of the pain and be open for a 2nd chance.


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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

      Cheng like what I said in FB Friends for all seasons can never be friends after graduation, but possible, first friends after graduation. thanks for reading my hub and for the comment too.

    • profile image

      cheng 5 years ago

      Cel, Yung description ba ng "Friends for all Season" yun na rin yung "Friends after graduation"? Now ko lang sya nakita and I realized I don't have as many groups as yours. I don't really connect with people in any passionate or lingering manner. But I recall that one time I wanted to write an article about individual people who made mark in my heart/life and on what I learned from them. Pero bukod sa tinamad na ako hindi ko nakahanap ng moment para isulat yun...with makulit na partner sa buhay at growing up kids, I hardly find solitude to engage in writing. I love your article Cel:-)

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

      Toknowinfo thanks for visiting, yes it was always fun to be with my dog group and I am missing them now because Ive been busy with my work so I seldom join them in their activities

    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 6 years ago

      This is a great hub. I especially enjoyed the photos of your dog groups. Thanks for sharing.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Ronald, yes you are right, I love my family

    • twobmad profile image

      Ruatte 6 years ago from Myanmar(Burma)

      Nice one noh. If your friends are your cousins at the same time, they wil never betray you.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 7 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for visiting retailprincess, I guess we are both lucky to have our cousins as our friends

    • RetailPrincess profile image

      RetailPrincess 7 years ago

      My best friends are my cousins! They are family. Good article about friendship!