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Garden Wedding

Updated on July 13, 2011

Planning Your Garden Wedding

When we hear garden, we picture beautiful, colorful flowers and butterflies, but to start planning your garden themed wedding, we will picture a large open grassy area. Your wedding arch, gazebo or columns are decorated with flowers and fabric, ends left loose to be picked up by the breeze from the wind. You can place a large floral arrangement at the bottom and on each side of your wedding arch. If any of your centerpieces or arrangements are not heavy enough to withstand light wind, add rocks inside vase, container, or flower pot to add weight. You will need to rent folding chairs and tables. White folding chairs cost a few dollars more to rent than brown folding chairs. Also you will need to decide if you are going to use round or rectangle tables, or both. You will also need a tent large enough to shade the amount of people you invited to your wedding. You can rent one large tent, or divide into 3 or 4 sections, and have different seating areas. You will have to decide on how you want your layout to be and also the size of the area and amount of wedding guest. You could have your wedding guest seated near where your wedding vows will take place, and then have them seated under the tent. Wherever you decided to seat your guest, you can place a hand held fan on the seat of each chair. This can double as a wedding favor, if you so choose. Put your wedding monogram or logo on your fans, if you want it to also be a wedding favor. Since your wedding is garden themed, you can also have butterflies for each guest to release at the end of your wedding ceremony. If you can't afford to release butterflies, you can give your wedding guest bubbles to blow at the end of your wedding ceremony. On your tags that you will tie at the top of each bubble container, print " blow at end of ceremony " on back and on front of tag will have bride and groom's name, logo, or symbol.

"Ideas will click and add Inspiration!"

If you choose to have your wedding guest seated where you will create your outside alter, after you line chairs on each side of aisle runner or walkway, place pew bows or pew arrangement on the outside of every other chair. You can also swag tulle or sheer fabric and gather at every other chair. Try to visualize your setup or layout. You don't have to spend crazy money to achieve an elegant wedding decor. A plus to this design is that it will keep order when seating your guest. They will enter around where you draped your fabric, keeping clear of your walkway you created, and leaving your wedding decorations untouched. Your aisle will be blocked off by the tulle you draped on the outside of the chairs, like an area that has been roped off. Tents: there are different types and prices of tents for your wedding. Enclosed tents, open tents, fabric tents, etc
The benefit of having your wedding outdoors is that you can take advantage of things you might have been restricted from inside a church or venue that have rules and would not allow candles to be lit, or use of sand or confetti, and releasing butterflies or even having a pair of caged doves.

"Wedding how-to's"

Food and beverage

For your outdoor wedding you can serve your wedding guest a light and refreshing signature drink (color coordinated with your wedding color scheme) or sorbet in martini glasses. Daiquiri mix is a slush until you add alcohol. You can serve the non alcohol version to your younger wedding guest. Your buffet can consist of finger foods, sliders, bite size and mini items. Keep in mind you will want to choose food that will hold well in warm weather and not spoil. Also keep this in mind when choosing your wedding cake. Buttercream icing will melt in hot weather, unless you make plans to keep your wedding cake indoors and serve sliced cake outdoors. Don't forget your sunscreen! you don't want sunburn before your honeymoon.


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