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How To Ostrich Feather Wedding Centerpiece

Updated on May 12, 2011

Easy Wedding Centerpiece

Ideas that click and add Inspiration! Ostrich feather wedding centerpieces are eye catching, and very easy for you to make. The vases used to create the ostrich feather wedding centerpieces are called Eiffel tower vases. Eiffel tower vases come in a variety of colors, heights and finishes, like frosted and clear. To make the illuminating light inside of the wedding centerpiece, you can use the the 8 hour lights sold in craft stores, or craft aisle at wal-mart. They are individual bulbs sold in packs and different colors. You twist to ignite them and it will stay lit for 8 hours. Your wedding centerpiece will stay with a glow, while you dance the night away at your wedding reception. You can also use any type or color feathers you want to use in your wedding centerpiece. You can use feathers as accents in your bridal bouquet or put them in other areas of your wedding decor. Use a floral foam circle as a base to build your feather topper. Some people like starting at the top and building down, while others build in reverse. Start by deciding on how tall you want it to be, including vase and all. You can attach a cone shape piece to your foam circle, so it can act as a suction plug into the vase. When you finish, you will have two pieces to your wedding centerpiece. The Eiffel tower vase and your ostrich feather topper you made. Don't forget to place your bulb into the bottom before you secure it to the vase. Best Wedding Wishes to U!


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