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Getting Rid of His Mother

Updated on March 16, 2015

The Facts

Her family held privileged place.
Her marriage to Martin, did not
change that.

When her mother or sister
came to visit the red carpet
stayed out until they left.

Nothing was a problem,
nothing was too expensive, and they were to be treated as Royalty.

This is how it has always been in her family.

Deja ought not have been surprised when after a number of such visits by her family he suggested that his mother visit, for after all, he wasn't an orphan.

This annoyed her greatly.

Talking about the Wife

Deja was an insecure woman who needed a man all to herself.
She had to exert absolute control.
Any one she felt was a threat to her 'ownership' she had to get rid of.

She had been successful in separating Martin from his brother, Paul
and his silly little sister Anita.

The unknown quantity was his mother, Doctor Pamela Godding, who was
expected to be a bit more astute than Martin's siblings.

The first invitation had to be withdrawn for as soon as Deja got the date she
set up a visit to her father at the same time.

Not that her father wanted to see her at that time, or at any time. The point was to 'cut' Martin's mother, 'down to size', and make her know she was less important than Deja's
Father. This had to be virtually stamped in iron.

Martin's Mother had to know she was cancelled in respect of Her Father. She had to
recognise that Deja, owned and operated Martin.

Deja had grown by her mother's side. She had been schooled to appreciate that no one
was more important than one's mother and sister. Those people would never let you down.

Men could never be trusted.

Deja never put, nor ever would put, her husband before her mother.

The question was, would Martin do the same?

The Plan

Deja spoke at length
with her mother to work
out strategies to insure
that Martin's mother
would have a horrible
time and never come back.

Hopefully, certain behaviours
could be provoked so that
Martin would never even want
to see his mother again.
Or would she want to pay a
return visit.

Anita, Martin's idiot baby sister, was used to gain 'secret information' about Doctor Pam
so that the environment could be set to be particularly uncomfortable.

Deja also did some reading on 'light torture' to see if anything could be adapted, and learned about the use of cold.

Hence if she could get Martin to keep the air conditioner on at all times to insure the
house was uncomfortably cold, his mother should suffer more than they, for they
would be 'used to it'.

Deja insured that Martin began becoming used to it when she found an article stating that furniture needed to be kept at 75o to last.

The family was 'used to' 74o months before his mother arrived in the heart of summer.

In Motion

From the moment Martin's mother arrived, Deja treated as a complete untrusted outsider.

Where her mother got a key so she could come and go as she pleased, Martin's mother did not. She was locked into the house when they went to work.

From Monday to Friday, Pamela had nothing to do, nowhere to go, confined to the house.

When they came home, they would ignore her, inviting Deja's friends (Martin had no friends, she'd gotten rid of them very early) to some little get together.

Pamela could stay in her room or watch the small Television in den. This should make it clear that she was NOT part of the family, not a treasured guest, but someone who was being 'put up with'.

They never took Pamela anywhere, save the supermarket.

Between the cold, the loneliness, the segregation, Pamela cut her visit short and left.
She never sent them a Thank You card or gift, which Deja dined out on. (Not that her mother ever did, but that was different).


When Martin's mother told people
how she had been treated, Deja
used the word 'ungrateful'.

She pointed out how they had
fed her and looked after her all those days.

Martin, who had already let Deja run
his brother and shove his sister into
a corner did not defend his mother.

Although some place within him he
knew his mother had been made
uncomfortable and kept a virtual
prisoner, he could not accept
any guilt or responsibility, so let
her go out of his life with no more
than a shrug.

Deja and her mother congratulated each other on a job well done.


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