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Gift Ideas For Him/Her

Updated on June 23, 2016

A Memory Jar

Get a mason jar or any kind really, decorate or leave plain, and take and write the memories on folded up colored pieces of paper and put them in the jar.

Topic ideas for memories could be:

  • First met
  • First kiss
  • First hug
  • First date
  • First "I love you"
  • First anniversary

Or you could make the memory on that piece of paper be about pretty much anything or little thing you can remember. Even "Finding out your favorite color was purple" or you could make it special memories and go into real detail about different things.

A Scrapbook

You can think this one as kind of a secret mission if you want to where you can take secret or open pictures of your loved one and you, or just them, and then when you do gift it to them bring them a scrapbook of all the pictures you took.

An extra thing you could do to the scrapbook is make it homemade and use glue to glue the picture to the homemade scrapbook, then write underneath notes or memories that go along with the picture.


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