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Girl Talk: 8 Topics Women Can Discuss Other Than Men, Their Weight and Kim Kardashian

Updated on October 31, 2014
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Elaine Flowers is the co-author of "So... How Was Your Date? Dating Chronicles Of Single Men and Women" and the author of five other titles.

Changing The Conversation

It never fails. Whenever a group of girlfriends get together, the inevitable happens—multiple counter-productive conversations begin to circulate. Namely, man problems and/or the lack of eligible men, complaining about weight problems and/or the need to be on a diet, or conversations that are, frankly, time wasters—such as Jay Z and Beyoncé and any other celebrity that has no bearing on their real life.


So, I’m thinking that in order to change the conversations and to increase productivity, we just need some suggestions on other things to talk about. Because clearly, mind-numbing conversations are now a habit and the new normal, here are some suggestions:


1. Travel plans

If you have no travel plans coming up, make some. Go see the world… or at least a neighboring town. The next time you’re at Happy Hour sipping Margaritas, you and your girls should plan a getaway to Cancun!


2. Hobbies

You and your friends can discuss things like joining a LIVE social group, tips on how to redecorate a room, taking an art or salsa-dancing class or maybe even joining a Chess club. Talk about those things you loved doing for fun when you were younger and how to resuscitate them!


3. Employment advancements

Are you ladies happy with your careers? Evaluate this and decide what, if anything, can be done to make your work more enjoyable and more lucrative. Will more education or training be needed? Check it out and go for it!

4. Discovering passions

Do you and your girlfriends know what your passions are? If not, discuss how to discover them. Once they’re uncovered, encourage each other to embrace them!

5. Remember that book?

You know, the one you said you would read one day? It was a literary classic or a guide on how to build a financial future… remember? Read it with your friends and discuss what was so great (or not so) about it!


6. Personal self improvements

Are you ladies at peace? And I’m talking about inner-peace. Do any of you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? Consider group meditation or yoga to bring about inner peace. Get massages as a group. Discuss spiritual awareness. Do any of you need to forgive someone or yourself? Discuss and encourage each other to do it!


7. Encourage each other to push personal limits

What’s that thing that you have accepted as part of your life? What if there were more to gain? Maybe you walk regularly but never considered running. Maybe you’ve always contributed to Thanksgiving dinner but never cooked the whole spread by yourself. Discuss each other’s limits and encourage each other to push them!

8. How to overcome fears

Have a specific gathering to talk about fears. Everyone has them; do you know your friend’s fears? Do they know yours? Discuss them and help each other with ways to overcome them!


Any of these examples could still lead some women back to a conversation on their love life or the latest diet—and that’s too bad. Because of the time in which we live, a conscious effort has to be made to ignore that the latest celebrities in the tabloids are getting married, divorced or had an affair. What does their personal life have to do with you anyway? How does Lindsey Lohan’s rehab stint impact your well-being? If we become proactive in our personal progression, we’ll be less interested in the regression of others. Let’s change our conversations!


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