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Great Gift Ideas For Your Man

Updated on December 7, 2012

Some Great Ideas

I know some of your boyfriends probably give you all the hints you need in order to buy them gifts. Well, for some of us I know that isn't the case. They are content with no gifts at all they say, right? Or you think they already have everything they could possibly want or need or you just don't know the "perfect gift" to get him. Well I'm going to list some ideas that have always worked best for me and hope they give you some great ideas!

Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are always a great idea if you're stumped. Don't be fooled, men love these thoughtful gifts just as much as women do. It shows them how thoughtful you are and how much effort you put into getting them something. They won't forget it. Here are a couple great ideas of items to get personalized.

  • Wallet, money holder, credit card holder
  • Blankets
  • Jewelry, either a new piece or something he already owns.
  • If it's the holidays, you can get a calendar made for the new year for him to hang in his office to show off.
  • Coffee cup if he's a big coffee drinker
  • Piece of clothing. Perhaps a sports team jersey with his name and favorite number on the back. Or even a clothing item with a picture of his kid(s).
  • Anything related to sports. If he's into sports, personalize an item he uses frequently so he will always see it and think of you.
  • Poker Set- If he tends to have the gang over at your place for poker night then he will love this.

Sports Items

Most of our men love sports. Either they only like one, or maybe they like them all. If they like more than one sport this will help make your gift buying much easier.

  • Jersey- As I listed above, get them their favorite team jersey and have their last name personalized on the back or just their favorite player.
  • Blankets- Get him a sports team blanket and maybe put a future date on it with tickets attached for an upcoming game you have planned.
  • Hat- Men can never have enough hats.
  • Tickets- Even if you hate sports, if he knows this then he will know the effort you are making and will appreciate it even more.
  • New equipment- He may need a new football or basketball and you know it will get it's use.
  • Clothing- Any clothing. Pajamas, boxers, shirts or sweats.

General Gift Ideas

If your man isn't into sports whatsoever and you don't think he will like a personalized gift too much, here are some general ideas for you to look through.

  • Ipad or similar notebook- These are a little more expensive on the gift giving list, but they will get their enjoyment out of it.
  • Watch- Or any other jewelry he may wear every day. You can even have this personalized if you wish.
  • Gym membership for the both of you- Has he been saying he would love to join a gym, but just hasn't gotten around to it yet? Well, this will motivate him since you are willing to do this with him.
  • Home theater system- If he loves his electronics and shows them off when he can, get him a high tech system to impress his friends.
  • Game console or games- The new nintendo is out and also the playstation vita is still rather new.
  • Clothes- If you know his sizes and style pick him up some new threads. Most men aren't too picky and will wear what you pick out, if not have him return it and get what he wants.
  • Bottle of Champagne- Who wouldn't like this, right?
  • Lingerie- Keep things alive in the bedroom and surprise him with this.
  • Car seat covers- If he's got an older car and the seats are worn, or a new car and doesn't want to ruin the seats. Maybe throw in matching rugs and steering wheel cover.
  • Movie tickets- Grab some if you know there's a movie he's dying to see.
  • Plan a romantic getaway- Plan yourselves a little trip away and have fun.
  • Remote caddy to attach to the couch- If he's always losing the remote this should help. Hopefully.
  • Order his sports channels- If you don't already have all the extra sports channels, contact your cable company and get them.
  • Cooking gadgets- If he loves to cook try finding some new and fun gadgets that he may enjoy.


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