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Great V-Day gift ideas for 2015!

Updated on February 13, 2015

It is that time of year again!


The official trailer.

Play it safe!

This is 2013 and it is time to get with the times.

NOTE: If you send dirty gifts from an "adult" book store, you had better know the person well enough to be sure that it won't upset them. You can call me a prude or make sure you have a great Valentines Day! That choice is yours to make.

- If you want to stick with candy, then get a nice strawberry arrangement or get candy that is shaped like something they are into (ei. if they love cars, or collect teddy bears, then get chocolate shaped like that). many grocery stores like Wegmans, offer a strawberry arrangement in a heart shaped container that looks very nice.

Beyond Candy and Flowers!

- If you two have not been out in a while then buy a nice date. Movie and dinner at a nice, upscale place if you can. If not, Fridays works!

Warning- If someone has been abused, do not plan a secret get away unless you have done it before. And no blind folds! It may sound stupid but consideration goes a long way. P.T.S.D. and blind folds do not often work well together!

For everyone- Jewelry such as pendants are old school, but if someone likes that , then go with it. Gold anything works especially if it is personalized. -Someone's favorite music or a romantic album is always a good idea. Marshall Grenshaw, Boyz to Men, Mariah Carey, are some of the best.

For Girly Girls- Get some accessories for her cat, or if she is pet less, get her a small dwarf rabbit and a cage with supplies. Craigslist is a good place to go for small animals and accessories.

Or try a feminine scarf, and chocolate strawberries!

For Tom Boys- Get her a jersey or some sports related boxers if she is into that.

ALSO- Remember that some tom boys don't like being treated like one, so going girly or romantic may score you some points!

Intellectuals- If they are a graduate nurse, Dr., lawyer etc., go with a suspenseful movie or tickets to the theater, opera, or a nice museum.

OR take a risk and by passes to an amusement park or plan/reserve a nice camping trip! Camping means learning and exploring.

Someone who loves romance- Flowers are fine in this case. I would also make a candle light dinner and get a romantic comedy!

Manly men- Something sports or food related that you can do together always works!

OR Paying for a night out with the guys is nice too (wrestling, a pack of movie passes).

There are so many other ideas, but this gets you started!


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