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How Can I Find Love?

Updated on May 5, 2015

But I Had Found a Lot of Friends That Believe, True Love Is Impossible to Find.

Maybe It's because we are used to seeing divorce or relationship that didn't end well, but believe me something, If the relationship started with the wrong foot, is going to end for sure, it is impossible that you want to start a relationship and you don't want to commit with the other, or you don't want to change the bachelorĀ“s life that you use to live. It is not about freedom it is about compromise, respect and sincerity.

The other day someone wrote to me: "we started the relationship two months ago?, he is really nice with me, but he likes drinking, and the other day i found some marks on his neck, do you think he loves me?".

It is impossible to start a relationship with someone when it is not starting well, people maybe for loneliness accept less than they deserve, but that is not fair, YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVE, YOU DESERVE TO BE THE ONLY ONE, YOU DESERVE TO FIND YOUR SOUL-MATE, DO NOT ACCEPT LESS THAN THAT.

I Believe in Love, Soulmattes and Happy Endings

Some of you would think is the result of too many romantic movies, but I found it, It is not like the movies, is real with happy, sad, good and bad moments, and I can say I AM IN LOVE, and I AM HAPPY.

The problem begins when people is idealizing his or her partner, or is not ready for commitments, or is afraid of making the past mistakes, so it is easier to say that true love does not exist.

Well if you are reading this article is because you think that you can find your soul-mate, and that my friend is the first step.



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Five Steps

FIRST STEP: Open your heart and welcome love into your life, you should be ready to let the past go and take the risk of a relationship, accepting that there is not ideal persons, not only just simple human beings with a lot of qualities but also with a lot of defects. If you had a bad experience in the past, you can not allow it to ruin the rest of your life, because it is a fact that people never change, but you can learn from your own mistakes.

SECOND STEP: Love is unpredictable, it can be found in your neighbor, in your best friend or maybe in someone that you did not like in the past, sometimes we never though about that person in a romantic way. That is my case, it was my boss for over 7 years, and he invited me out several times, but my answer was always no, he was not the man of my dreams, and one day I had one of those days that you wish never started, and like always he was there ready to listen, looking into my eyes and suddenly i stopped seeing him like a friend but like the person that can understand me, and give me a shoulder to cry.

THIRD STEP: Love is everywhere but you must start looking for it, and be aware that the search for the right person will be endless. This is maybe the most important step, because you have to enjoy whatever you do, beginning new activities, studying something, or practicing a new sport, or just taking a vacation to relax. If you learn to enjoy yourself, you are ready to be visit by love. It is OK to try dating new people, blind dates or maybe speed dates or the most popular now the online dating, but the most important rule be ready to make a lot of friends, don't fall for appearance, enjoy yourself and don't judge, because one of those who you thought as friend is maybe your true love.

FOURTH STEP: Look for the little details, those are the ones that show you the real nature of a person, for example when you are dating the other is trying to show you her or his best side, but it is impossible to control little details, like the way he or she talk to a waitress, the cleanness of the car, the way she or he acts with the opposite sex, the relationship with family or coworkers, a phone call, etc.

FIFTH STEP: If the person makes you laugh, you feel like you can talk about everything, maybe is not physically like your ideal role model but you will start to seeing more positive aspects than negative, maybe is the one.

Open your heart and enjoy the best feeling in the world, and it will make you a better person.


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    • Dr Billy Kidd profile image

      Dr Billy Kidd 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      You said, "Open your heart and let love into your life." This is so important. If you are not lovable--by opening your heart--you won't find love.