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Handmade silk wedding centerpieces

Updated on October 1, 2010

Wedding centerpieces are exactly what the name says,

"CENTERPIECE." Nothing creates more elegance for a wedding reception than the centerpiece. The first thing that is noticed when entering the reception hall are the centerpieces. That is one of the main conversation pieces at a wedding reception along with the attire of the bride, music, wedding cake, wedding rings, and the ceremony. To add to that, the wedding centerpiece is what a lucky person get to take home with them after the reception is over.

What ever the wedding theme is, the centerpiece adds special touches similar to the personalized wedding favors. These days wedding centerpieces are becoming more contemporary than traditional. Other objects are replacing beautiful floral arrangements such as castles and stacked round or square boxes in the form of wedding cakes. Some people are balloon lovers and their centerpieces are nothing more than balloons held down by a fashionable paperweight. One wedding I attended used golden scrolls with the statements like love, cherish, honour, etc..inscribed on the paper of it. It was absolutely breathtaking how the scroll wedding centerpieces pulled together the fairytale wedding theme.

But there are still many of us who are lovers of flowers. Although lilies, roses, orchids, and gardenias are the flowers of the past, they are still beautiful as the day first used for centerpieces. For this reason, I have dedicated myself making beautiful handmaid silk floral wedding centerpieces using these flowers. The best this about silk flowers is they last a lifetime. Also modern brides opt to have their bridal bouquets match the centerpieces. That task can only be done using floral arrangements. That can not be done with the contemporary wedding centerpieces stated above.

My Handmade Centerpieces

$15.00-$130.00 for 6.$12.00 each additional
$15.00-$130.00 for 6.$12.00 each additional
$25.00-$140.00 for 6.$20.00 each additional
$25.00-$140.00 for 6.$20.00 each additional
$40.00-$180.00 for 6.$30.00 each additional
$40.00-$180.00 for 6.$30.00 each additional
This collection and the others email for quote.
This collection and the others email for quote.

Price Comparison

Everyone knows that silk floral arrangements are slightly more expensive than fresh flowers. But when compared, the price difference isn't really that far between. The florist charges by what is in season and work done to assemble the centerpiece. If those flowers are not in season, than they up charge for having to order them from another flower shop mainly out of state. For this reason, when a bride goes to pick up her fresh floral arrangements, they may not look as beautiful as pictured. But she is still being charged that same price. Most florist do not adopt "money back guaranteed." Instead they will offer store credit towards something else. I am not taking anything away from florists ability to earn a living because they get plenty of my support. However, my belief is they are way too expensive for flowers to only last maybe one week. Fresh flowers die too soon and can not receive the full appreciation after the wedding day. I can talk about this because it has happened  to me. When my bridal bouquet was delivered to my home, in the beginning of July, the flowers were already dying. I really didn't want to carry that bouquet down the aisle. But is was too late to make changes. I did call to discuss my concerns, was able to make an exchange, even that would have taken a few days and I wasn't  putting off my wedding for the sake of a dying fresh floral bridal bouquet.


Silk floral arrangements for bouquets and centerpieces are best. The cost for them are not that high as people would imagine. A person can go into any arts and crafts store and pick up vases, ribbons, and flowers. They sell these at all dollar stores. These days, people are not as crafty as they were back in the day. Everything was handmade. The older ladies of the families would make the decorations to add symbolic meaning for the wedding. These were gifts to the bride, more like heirlooms.


This is where I come in. I take pride in making silk wedding centerpieces that makes the day one to be remembered and cherished for a lifetime. It is true that making them by hand is more time consuming than ordering them online or at a bridal boutique. And I do this for a fraction of the price. I only charge for the products and shipping. I do not charge for labor. I am a stay at home mother, so my timing is unlimited. There is no need to pay for labor because this is what I enjoy doing. I just love to see the bride's face light up with joy seeing her centerpieces. 

Array of Centerpieces
Array of Centerpieces
$50.00 each $400.00 for 10
$50.00 each $400.00 for 10

One of my centerpieces

I made this centerpiece along with everything else for my Purple and Black 5th Wedding Anniversary Fairytale Ball.
I made this centerpiece along with everything else for my Purple and Black 5th Wedding Anniversary Fairytale Ball.
Another one of my centerpieces for the same ocassion
Another one of my centerpieces for the same ocassion


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    • profile image

      scottish wedding services 

      7 years ago

      When I first read the post, I thought: Is it really what I thought? Then it turned out to be so, actually. OK, it's a nice invention, may be, but I still can't understand how it works.

    • profile image

      JULIE L 

      8 years ago

      I am new to the business making ceterpieces and floral arrangements. Do you have any advise you can give me?

    • JosefS profile image


      9 years ago from Lisa Wellington from Canada

      These are great ideas you mentioned here for centerpieces. A nice display with pictures too. Thanks for the inspirations.


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