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Have Facebook And Twitter Caused More Divorces?

Updated on April 22, 2016

Has Social Media Caused More Divorces?

It seems like everyone knows someone who is either going through a divorce or has recently gone through one. Usually it is because someone is cheating. Most of the time, you can somehow connect Facebook, Twitter or texting to part of the affair.

Both my brother and my best friend found out that their spouses where cheating on them. They both have very young children and both found out that they were communicating with the other parties through some sort of social media.

Just Divorced

Just Divorced
Just Divorced | Source

Is Divorce On The Rise?

Is divorce on the rise? It doesn't seem like marriage is as sacred as it once was. It's more of a commitment until somebody does something wrong.

My Brother's wife was meeting guys through Facebook and then meeting them in real life.

My friends husband was meeting women through work and texting constantly with them and then telling my friend that it was none of her business.

Another friend of mine was the cheater. She was secretly rendevousing with another man. They used social media to contact each other. They are now divorced.



Technology And Divorce Rates

Technology has opened up a realm of new marital problems. It has made it so much easier to cheat and get away with it. People can be very secretive with it.

In the past, people would physically meet a person and then cheat, now people search out others to cheat with from the comfort of their own home, sometimes while they are in the same room as their spouse and children.

Divorce rates are on the rise each decade. It could be that the culture changes. It could be that people don't believe in "till death do you part" anymore. It could also be that technology makes it easier to have an affair.

I love technology and everything it has done for us, but this is the bad that comes with the good.

Social Media And Divorce

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Affairs Are Whimsical Acts These Days

Before technology came along, it was not as easy to have an affair. People normally met, grew a connection (which could take weeks or months), then they had an affair.

It was much more obvious since people had to meet face to face and could not meet over the computer. Since it was more obvious, there was less chance that the cheating spouse would get away with it.

Now that everyone has a computer, cell phone and Internet access at their fingertips, it makes it that much easier to find another person to have an affair with.

If a person is having a fight with their spouse, they could just find someone else to blow off their steam with over, Craigslist and Social Media Sites. Things heat up pretty quickly since correspondence is so much quicker.

Easier To Find Replacements

We live in a fast-paced world. A world with a lot of constant change. We trade our phones, computers, cars and homes out faster than any other generation. We even trade our marriages in for newer and better marriages.

Social Media makes it very tempting for spouses who are bored in their relationships and ready to move on to the next catch. With so many people comfortably saying things that they would not dare to say in a one-on-one conversation, the inhibitions fall and the extra-marital affairs rise.

It is easy for a spouse to find a person to have an affair with. Technology and Social Media make it that much easier to find replacements for their spouse.

Catching The Cheating Spouse

Not only does technology make it easier to have an extra-marital affair, but it makes it easier to catch the spouse who is cheating.

A person who believes that their spouse is cheating can look through their spouses history to see what they have been up to.

They can check the spouses Social Media sites to see what has been going on. While on the Social Media sites, they can look through the History and through all of the Friends, Followers and Followed.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 5 years ago

      I don't think we can blame technology or social media for the rise in divorce/cheating anymore than we can blame a fork or spoon for causing someone to become fat. It's never about the "tools" but rather the person using them. Cheating begins in the mind. Those who want to cheat have always found a way to do so. Today they may have less hoops to jump through to make it happen. Still it all starts with what is in a person's heart and mind. One man's opinion! :-)