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Have you already met the person meant for you?

Updated on May 31, 2014
True love is about offering a shoulder to cry on -- without hopes of receiving the same thing from this person.
True love is about offering a shoulder to cry on -- without hopes of receiving the same thing from this person.

Is there really a person meant for you?

Destiny. Serendipity. Words that give people a kind of hope that there is always something worth waiting for. However, do they really exist? Do you believe that there are predetermined events and experiences waiting for you? Is there really someone out there meant to be with you?

In order for you to believe this kind of stuff, you should be the person who believes in what people would call "true love". People have different perspectives when it comes to true love. Some people believe that if a relationship is meant to be, it'll be. Or that if it is true love, he/she will return no matter what. Unfortunately, those statements are nothing but loads of poppycock. True love is a human emotion that should not be based on something beyond our control -- like destiny or serendipity.

In short, every single person in this planet has the right to choose his or her true love. So, have you already chosen yours? Maybe you've already chosen; you simply fail to realize it yet. To find out, answer the following questions about yourself and your relationship with specific people.

(Warning: This will only work if you've been single for quite some time. Also, you have to read through the entire article before you jump to assumptions.)

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1. Who are your "choices"?

Be honest with yourself. There has got to be a person's name that kept on popping on your head as you read the previous paragraph. Maybe, there are more than one person. It's okay. There is a reason why the name or names of these people came into your mind. Just remember that it can't be someone you just met or someone you were only friends with for less than 6 months.

You may be wondering -- "Why just 6 months? Shouldn't it take at least 1 year before I can really get to know somebody?"

You don't necessarily need an entire year before you can really get to know someone -- in a romantic sense. It all comes down to the quality of conversations and social interactions you've had together. Think about this; unless you are just attracted to this person physically, his/her name wouldn't come up to your mind six months after you've met. Anyway, it can be your ex, your high school crush, your childhood friend, or even a stranger you've bumped into and managed to keep in touch ever since.

2. Have you had a conversation for more than an hour?

Not just any awkward conversation. It should be a healthy, juicy conversation filled with questions about each other. Do you know this person's favorite color? Hobbies? Plans for the future? Did these conversations occur plenty of times?

The important thing is that you both should be capable of holding a conversation just by yourselves. Another "sure sign" is that this person fell asleep while talking to you whether on the phone (without hanging up) or in person. These are signs of true closeness that may be "unidentified", but is capable of going all the way.

4. Were you still friends even one or both of you were in different relationships?

Is the friendship/connection still alive even when one or both of you is in a relationship with someone else? Remember that these questions only apply for the people who came up when you answered the first question. You may be the person he/she talks to whenever their relationship is in turmoil. This doesn't mean that you should offer yourself as an option either. The only important thing is that your friendship is tougher and more reliable than other romantic relationships during those times.

3. Have you comforted this person when he/she was crying?

Unless you've witnessed this person at his/her worst, you never really got to know him/her. Have you seen this person in tears, or have talked to this person while he/she was desperate for someone to talk to? Did you at least give him/her a hug during those times? When you've experienced comforting this person firsthand, then you will know that there is something between the two of you worth exploring.

6. Have you seen a movie together?

Have you seen a movie with just the two of you and no one else? This isn't necessarily a date. Or maybe, you are hoping that it is and you're only afraid to confirm it with this person. The truth is, this person is probably thinking of the same thing. What kind of "just friends" would go to a movie with just the two of them and no one else? Think about this; there's a lot of other people that this person could have been with, but he/she chose you. It doesn't necessarily have to be in a theater either. Maybe one of you invited the other to watch a movie at home or do some other stuff.

5. Were the two of you teased together?

Members of a social circle can always sense a romantic connection between two of its members. This is why friends or colleagues must have teased the two of you together at least once. This is a sign that a romantic relationship is entirely possible between the two of you. It is evident and it is at a certain level of seriousness that others can observe it -- but it's just not the time for you yet.

8. When you hear a particular song or see a particular movie...

Whenever you hear a love song or see a movie about true love or something, who do they remind you of? Perhaps certain lyrics or some scenes remind you of that night at his/her place, the time when both of you were drunk and started an honest conversation, or perhaps the day when both of you argued for the very first time. This is because your experiences with this person have turned into long-term memories -- and powerful ones at that. In the back of your head, you have treasured these memories and hoped for the day that it will all be relived once more.

7. Are you 'friend-zoned'?

Here's a fact -- there is no such thing as a friend-zone. Especially for people who've known each other for a very long time and one of them is still hoping for romance to spark. Chances are, this person probably already know your intentions. Still, he/she talks to you and maybe even meets up with you every once in a while.

If you had multiple persons in mind when you first started this article, one name should be getting all the "points" as you answer more and more questions. Go ahead and finish the rest of this article -- the conclusion might surprise you.

Second Chances
Second Chances | Source

9. Would you consider "next time" as your "second chance"?

Maybe you've known this person when he/she is still in another relationship, or maybe you already have a meaningful history with this person. Or maybe you've missed a lot of chances due to certain circumstances. Face the fact -- if you are still considering a "second chance", then maybe there is just something about the two of you that can stand the test of time.

Yellow flower
Yellow flower


Finally, it is important for you to understand that there could be no one meant to be with you in the future. Destiny? It is nothing compared to the power of your choices and the circumstances you make by pursuing what you love and who you truly care for.

If you answered the above questions and ended up with a single person in mind, then there's a good chance that this person is worth fighting and waiting for. Congratulations.

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