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Single White Female Seeks.....

Updated on October 19, 2019
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I attend the University of The Living. All my education comes from first-hand experience's life throws my way.

My Have To Have Someone, Stopped A Long Time Ago.

When my partner to be arrives, it will not be by anything but sure blessings.
When my partner to be arrives, it will not be by anything but sure blessings.

Embracing My Inner Humor

Once Was on A Dating Site
Having once joined a dating site, I met a few crazies. One proclaimed he had a brand new ax in his car before we even made it up to the bowling alley door, while another drank like a fish.

It was not a hard decision to remove myself from the fishing pool. Any desperation from within to be with someone was not strong enough to place me into the oncoming path of psycho's. But now near four years after the ending of a ruptured 31-year marriage, plus a failed two year on and off-again relationship, the humor of rewording what I want floats through my mind.

Expectations Are Not Too High
Someone once stated my expectations are too high for what I want in a relationship. That if they were not lowered, the best time of my life could be passing me up. Thing is, I am not out for "a good time". I am out for the last love of my life. The one who knows I am worthy of their partnership.

He Was Not Sure When
Having been told once that he knew it would work for us, but was "not sure when" (and that is a direct quote), is when I realized my worth to him might mean something but it was not enough for right now. The want to be "tied down" (not a direct quote) was not in his near future. And with that, all things came to an end.

My Time is Precious
Some have no issues with wasting time dating. I still believe, at least for me, it is the dumbest form of having fun. This is why I choose to wait until paths cross naturally. No way will love be forced by me, or the hopes of it. Why waste my time, only to waste it more? There are things in this life I want to do verses that.

Love...I Hope

Single White Female Ad

If I Wrote An Ad
Knowing for sure what life is about for me as an older, single woman, this is the type of ad I would write. (Below) Surely, it will gain me no followers, let alone love, but instead, respect to know that I am worthy of only the best in my life, and this is what it would say ....


Dear Share A Future With Me,

Our lives are precious. We both deserve to continue to be who we are as a person. No one changing to please the other, while forgetting us. Dedication is beautiful when it comes naturally but when it has to be forced or placed on a back burner for other people, then we need to reconsider talking altogether.
Dedication is about making sure we work together. Even when apart. To help bring out only the best of each other. To ensure our safety is a top priority, without being a lifetime watchdog with every step. Dedication is also about promises we made to each other, to see us through all the hiccups the world will throw our way.
The world is a nasty place for couples. Outside influences are always full of thoughts, opinions, and forced ways to see you single again. Keeping others at bay is a requirement. If we need someone to talk to, then we have to make sure the person we choose, will only have our best interest at heart as a couple. Not some person who would love to see us fail. Together is a couple. Separated is not.
We will have disagreements. We will become upset. But is there any reason for screaming, throwing things across the house, hitting, biting, or degrading the other with foul names such as "bitty" and "butthole"? Seeing all those as abuse, there is no room in my life for that. I ran from it before. If even the slightest red flag in this direction appears, I am not scared. It ends on the spot.
My family belongs to me. Yours belongs to you. We do not have to like either side but we must respect them. To also stand up to anyone in the bloodline who speaks ill on one of us. If we know they are telling the truth, then you need to bring it to each other. So we can work on it. As a real couple. Until our family receives a degree in gives a crap about us, they are against us. Know this. Embrace it. Love them still. But love us more for who we are as a strong, willed duo.
Work is important to me. A woman I may be but a damsel in distress who loves to stay home and wash after your dirty laundry I am not. Washing your laundry and cooking is a different topic altogether, but staying home to do it because you have issues with a woman in the workforce, we are already over before we start. Please find someone else to control.
Smoking. Dipping. Dope. Drinking. These are unacceptable area's in my life and have no party time to entertain anyone who is excessive or shows the possibilities of doing so. This is not an option, nor a choice. No matter how we feel, even if it happens ten years into the relationship, we are done.
Our home. Our bills. Together we make them, together we pay them. My truck. Your car. We started them before us. We can finish them alone. But as a strong couple, recognizing when one of us is struggling, we will chime in. No means no. No reason for repeating it if we are certain people.
Being a woman of strong self-esteem, I need the same in a partner. One who knows they are worthy of all that I am speaking about here. Plus a strong love life, which I have not mentioned until now.
Emotionally needy is not a bad thing if it is controlled properly with amazing love and attention. I love to give, just as much as I love to receive. It is a top priority right after trust, communication, honesty, and having the self-worth to appreciate your appearance out in public, as well as alone.
There is more like a good sense of humor but at some point, this needs to come to an end. And with that ... I am looking not for perfection, but the one who gets what I am saying.

A True Write Up

Is Love Alive??


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