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Cake Decorating Flowers - How to Make Calla Lily Sugar Flowers from Sugar Paste

Updated on June 21, 2011

Calla Lily Sugar Flowers

Sugar paste calla lilies are some of the most elegant and easy to make cake decorating flowers around. They A sugarpaste calla lily can be made in a variety of sizes and is suitable for decorating wedding cakes or when used individually, as cupcake toppers.

Sugarpaste (or gum paste) calla lilies can be made in any colour so can be matched to what ever colour scheme the occasion demands - from the traditional white for a wedding cake topper to little multicoloured ones which would look great on Mothers Day Cupcakes.

If you're just starting out with sugar flowers then these are a great starting point as they are so simple yet so effective. Start out using sugar paste, then move to gum paste (sometimes known as flower paste) when you are a bit more confident. Gum paste sugar flowers are more realistic than fondant flowers, but the product is slightly harder to work with.

Once you've mastered there sugar paste lilies then give these sugar paste carnations a try.

How to Cut Out Your Lily

Calla Lily Sugar Paste Flower Instructions

You will need:

White sugar paste or gum paste (or whatever colour you want your lily to be)

Yellow sugar paste or gum paste

Green sugar paste or gum paste

A square cutter - of the size you want your lily to be

A round cutter bigger than your square cutter - alternatively a sharp knife can be used.


  1. Roll out your white sugar paste until it is big enough to cut out a square using your square cutter.
  2. Turn the square so it is diamond shaped in front of you i.e. you have one of the corners pointing to you as in the left hand side of the photo above.
  3. Using either a round cutter or a sharp knife carefully curve the sides as shown above until you have the shape on the right hand side of the image above.
  4. Roll out a small sausage of yellow sugar paste and place it vertically along the length of the lily shape ~ use some cooled boiled water to stick it in place.
  5. Dab some cooled boiled water along the curved edges at the bottom of the lily shape then gently fold them over so they cover the end of the yellow sugarpaste and meet in the middle.
  6. Shape the lily for a more natural look.
  7. Take some green sugar paste and roll it into a thin pencil and use this as the stalk, attaching it to your lily with a dab of cooled boiled water.


A Bunch of Sugar Calla Lilies

Displaying your Calla Lily Sugar Flowers

Your sugar paste calla lily flowers can be used individually on cup cakes or by using more than one, as a main cake decoration. Experiment with different sizes and different colours to create different effects.

Add leaves to your displays by following the same method up to point 3 above in green sugar paste.

Once you've mastered these not only will you be incredibly popular amongst your friends, you'll never have to buy another Mothers Day present as you'll be able to give beautiful boxes of hand-decorated cupcakes.

If you've enjoyed making these sugarpaste calla lilies and want to take your sugar flowers to the next level why not have a look at these cake decorating books for sugar flowers.

Next Step - Making Gum Paste Calla Lilies


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    • profile image

      sweetest babe 6 years ago

      Thanks for bringing sugar craft close to me. I hope I will see more of cake decoration to learn.

    • howcurecancer profile image

      Elena@LessIsHealthy 6 years ago

    • sweetgracecake profile image

      sweetgracecake 7 years ago

      Calla lilies are a very popular wedding flower and are very lovely. Nice job!