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Dating Russian Woman - Corresponding Abroad-What Do Russian Women Like?

Updated on April 20, 2011

What Does A Russian Women Want ?

Learning to write a love letter while dating a Russian Woman you are pursuing has to be more involved than pouring on all the promises of the future with happily ever afters.You want to avoid writing a presumptuous letter as if you have already made the connection.

Most important you must find out if your Russian woman friend speaks English. This will allow you to save money from hiring a translator. But if you are hiring a translator know that most Russian woman took English in school and should learn English pretty fast once beginning to practice.

Your letter should be one that is about making a good friendship relationship first. All women want to be known personally and just not superfiscially. Finding out about what interest your prospect has with telling them what interest you will let you know in advanced what you two may have in common...or not.

Finding out about interest and commonalities will save you a lot of money and pain in the future if this in not person you want to share time with. Your letters that you send are you first steps before actually meeting. If you can't survive the letter exchanges, you know ahead of time to avoid setting up the first date and to move on the next prospect.

What Should Be In Your Letter To Your Sexy Russian Date

  • Explain to your new Russian friend that you plan to do what ever it takes to find your
  • Be honest about the qualities you want in the woman you are pursuing.
  • Talk about your plans to visit in the future and what you will like to do.
  • Find out about her spiritual and/or life dreams she hold on to for comfort.
  • Talk about lifestyles and goals to see how they compare.

When writing your letters be prepared to write to several Russian prospects at a time.You will want to do this to better judge who is a better fit for you.Wasting your time is not part of the plan. There is a reason why only about 5% find brides. Some just don't don't know how to talk to a lady...hmmmm.

What You Need To Know About Dating Russian Women

Some woman are very popular and there may be a reason for this. So pay attention while your learning how things work. Don't discount your effort either when you think you found someone special. Many men get addresses and never write and leave some one special to one that may be more deserving.

It also may be best to correspond to woman in the same location to be able to learn the area and better get around when traveling back and forth. You should know that it may take as much as a year before you meet the perfect Russian woman that you will want as your beautiful bride.

You might as well enjoy the journey and the culture with your love letters as your ticket. Visit the Russian Woman Guide for more information about Russian woman as potential brides.

How To Meet Russian Women - Why Are Russian Women So Special?



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      Darlene Matthews 7 years ago

      Thanks..Glad you enjoyed it.I appreciate your comment K9.

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      India Arnold 7 years ago from Northern, California

      I found your hub very interesting.