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Russian Women For Marriage - How Future Bride Become A Legal Citizen Of The United States

Updated on April 20, 2011

What Is Needed To Be A Legal Citizen-Russian Women For Marriage

There are many that marry their Russian lady in the United States and believe that changes their legal status. That is so far from the truth. That only works in the movies.If she came into the United States without a visa that can cause a real problem trying to obtain legal status especially if she's been here over 181 days.

Why You Need A Immigration Attorney

That can cause her to be barred from the United States for 10 years. You will have to prove hardship of her returning to her home country along with other requirements a immigration attorney can help you with.

Becoming legal takes time. There are even test to take and pass as well as forms to file before status of citizenship is granted. Anyone that wants to come into the United States must first have a Visa. If you enter the United States without a visa you are considered and illegal alien.

Each alien is assigned their own registration number that corresponds with their file. For instance you may see a letter "A" and number on the back of the I-94 form. An immigration attorney can make these form clear for you.

There are two types of Visa's:

  • Non-immigrant for temporary stay

  • Immigrant Visa for permanent stay

Visa's For Certain Reasons

  • Business B-1
  • Pleasure or Medical B-2

If you marry a person from from Russia. Your marital status does not automatically
give her American citizenship status. You must file a family petition for her to be
considered an immediate relative.She must have a visa to enter the United States.

Visit for a work authorization document and green car application.Your best
bet is to consult with an immigration attorney because everyone's situation is different.
A immigration attorney can counsel you and prevent future hardships and extra expenses
in the long run. Visit the Russian Woman Guide for more information about Russian woman as potential brides.

How Do You Correspond By Letter To A Russian Woman?



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